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the cabbage sacrifice

i am officially a failure at the garden this year. although i hate to live in the past, last year was incredible. Last year I started the season with tons and tons of awesome radishes. the kind that remind me of when i was a kid... yes, i ate radishes as a kid. radish sandwiches to be exact. sliced radishes between two slices of bread and mayonnaise. sometimes i get a craving...

But then last year i had some really awesome red, yellow, green peppers. i had tomatoes so early they were sweet and tons of them. i had so many tomatoes that i left them on the vine at the end of the year. My lettuce was so fresh, we would pick it each evening and have salads fresh from the garden. i had the greatest garden, and no weeds.

But that was last year.

This isn't last year. sad to say. THIS year is much much different.

This year my radishes bolted and i didn't get ANY. The ground squirrels and rabbits ate all my lettuce. I had a great idea of planting cabbage. red cabbage. i had never done cab…

oh the things you find in the garage..

When I was cleaning out the garage today, I was amazed what I found! An old pair of shoes that had been missing forever, the second glove to Emily's garden glove set, Connie's ice cream bucket I borrowed for graduation... I started to think about things we lose and how much fun it is to find them. It is like a huge relief when they are found, like a weight lifted off your shoulder.

I wonder if that is how God feels about us when we are found? I wonder if he gets that old familiar feeling like "everythings gonna be okay" because he found us!

The girls just got back from church camp this past week. They had an incredible time with God. The whole week I prayed that the Holy Spirit would just "find" them. I sent them mail and wrote out the scriptures I was praying for them - they never got the mail, but I still prayed, and God still answered.

We have such a great God. He never gives up. He searches until He finds us, and when He does, it is like finding an old pai…

here goes nothing...

How does a person suddenly decide to try their hand at a blog? It isn't even as if I have anything even remotely interesting to say. Hence the blog name.

Truthfully, the idea of my daughter going to college this fall has caused me to look at different ways of keeping the lines of communication open. Maybe a cool, hip, fun-loving mom like me might get a little attention with a blog!

It isn't as if I have tons of time on my hands either. With four kids of various different stages of life, a full time job, and a busy personal life of my own (yes, I do have a personal life!), time is not in abundant supply!

It just so happens that this day - this Saturday - I have chosen to start a blog. I am pretty sure the only people who will read it will be my sister-in-law, my husband, and my kids; most likely in that order. But, hey, who could be more important?

Truth is, I have only even read a couple of blogs. I actually don't find them interesting at all. And... pretty sure mine won't…