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like I said...

What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas.Technorati Tags: ,,

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We're still at Disneyland Las Vegas.  Okay pause right there that wasn't fair.  It's more like Hugh Hefner's version of Disneyland.Anyway, I hate to disappoint anyone, but we haven't really seen much of Vegas outside of our own hotel and the Mirage across the street to catch the bus to the convention center. Although I have this NEED to go to Sephora that I walk by Taunting me like a chocolate donut.We are like... seriously... the OPPOSITE of what this place wants to attract.  I couldn't believe it when the I.T guy at this largest hotel in the world told me that only 17% of their guests use the internet... .and THAT is why we don't have wireless in our room yet.  Apparently the other part of the hotel does but not here.I mean, get this... here we are... the big city of Las Vegas.... and last night do you know what we did?  We stayed in our room and watched the Season 5 Premiere of LOST.  And the worst part - we FELL ASLEEP before it was ov…

What happens in Vegas.... stays in Vegas

We got bored with just the scenery pictures so I made him stand by the one of the fountains in the pool garden area.This is the entrance to the hotel.  This is not the main hotel lobby... but the lobby to the area we are staying inThere is so much happening in Vegas this week it makes me tired.  We are not your typical Vegas visitors either by the way.  We're here for a convention, but we try to eat dinner early and get to our hotel room before the kooks come out.  It was a bit frustrating the first couple of days.  We arrived on Monday and our hotel room doesn't have wireless Internet.  It's amazing to me that anywhere doesn't have wireless Internet.  Especially in Vegas... I mean, who would of thought.  So, with a little IT help, we're up and running now.We're staying at - upon check in, the hotel desk clerk informed us that this hotel has around 7000 rooms and is the largest hotel in the world.  Now, it wasn't our intention to stay at…


First of all, let me just say this: BRRRRR!!!
Today, the HIGH is going to be -10. Yes, you heard that right. The high.
Right now, it is -25.

In just 4 days, we leave to go to this place. The high there today is supposed to be 67. Okay, slap me in the face and call me cold...but that is 92 degrees higher than here. 92. I salivate at the mere thought of going. Sorry frigid friends...I'd take you with if I could, but since I can't, I'll have to sacrifice without your smiling faces for a week.

And not to pour salt on your wounds...but we're staying in a hotel that is described as this: "one of the most luxurious hotels in town" and "the rooms are more European than Vegas" and "Rooms have somewhat stately furniture, including painted, scallop-topped armoires; thickly draped half-canopies over the beds; and crown moldings on ceilings. The marbled bathrooms rocketed virtually to the top of our list of favorites".

I shall take my camera...and my…

early out and other nonsense

We have a blizzard coming. As if that is something new around here these days. I was thinking this morning how the first blizzard of the season is always fun or exciting or interesting. But, by now, it's bo-ring.

The best part about a blizzard is that everything is cancelled. School gets out early (like ... 2 hours after they start), I leave work early, dance class is cancelled, I go home and make soup and sit by the fire and read while the kids play playstation and the storm blasts through.

Next week this time, I'll be headed to the big city of Las Vegas for a week. I don't mind if it blizzards here while I'm gone, as long as it waits until we leave. This week it's in the 60's and sunny in Las Vegas. I hope it's the same next week. I could use a little warm sun. I'll be sure to post some sunny fun pictures while I'm there to taunt those of you left here in the cold.

Today officially starts the 100 day diet challenge. AKA biggest loser your tow…

100 day challenge

Last night, my 16 year old and I were talking. She wanted to join a local grocery store challenge to lose weight and exercise. It cost $18 and you get a free t-shirt. I thought it was a rip off. I said, "what you ought to do is come up with your own challenge".

So she did.

Beginning Monday, entrants pitch in $10. For 100 days, we will exercise and eat *cough* healthy.

The winner: keeps all the money.

Want to join us? The more the merrier. So far, we have about 8 individuals. With 2 more, we'd have 10. Who couldn't use a hundred bucks?

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Happy New Year

I love January. Have I said that before?
Really... as I flipped the calendar to the new year, I realized it's empty. Empty. Empty. Empty.
Why is that so exciting to me?

When most of our lives are so busy and crazy, it's so wonderful to have an empty calendar.

Now don't get me wrong. It will begin to fill up. But, there is something about January that a lot of people do not really get too crazy with on events. I think it has something to do with snow and ice. But, I'll take it.

The last week has been spent at our house staying up way too late singing karoke on the ps2. The girls all went back to school on Saturday. Shawn and I went to a wedding Saturday afternoon and then to church Saturday night. And then there was Sunday.

This week, Abbs kind of got stuck at a friends on Saturday night due to bad ice. Emily got stuck at Grammas. So, Shawn and I were home alone. Alone. All day long. We cleaned the house, listened to music, ate bagels, and read our Bibles. It was so qui…