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The last post of 2010

All over the blogosphere, bloggers are recording their last thoughts of the year.  Resolutions…profound thoughts… things they regret…things they are proud of… things.Me?  I sent one profound email out today and that was my quota for deep thoughts.  Personally, I’m ready for this year to be over with. Trust me…there were some amazing days, weeks in 2010.  My all time favorites:1. Lindsey and Joe’s wedding.2. Eily’s birth3. Abbie’s graduation4. being with my family5. Milwaukee trip with my amazing man.6. Two week visit from my mom.7. My new car – It really needs a name.And then there were these… ones that I would prefer didn’t happen:1. Truck crash into garage2. Christine’s motorcycle accident3. Abbie moving to Trinidad – okay…so this one should make both the good and the bad lists.  Because it’s good and we know God is moving in her life in a lot of ways… we miss her and it’s a challenging call for her.4. Shawn’s mother in hospital lots and now in nursing home.5. Shawn’s dad’s Christma…

Christmas 2010 pictures

Okay family…don’t kill me.  Some of these are not the most flattering, I know.  But, just remember that not many people read this blog. Christmas 2010 VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL


Emily sang with the college choir at a Christmas program this year.  It was intense practicing… but she had a great time.And some photos after her December dance recital. They don’t allow photos during the recital, so I snapped these afterwards.  She loves to pose.

We baked

Well, I baked.These little guys… I’ve made them twice now.  They are so addicting.And these… I will never bake again.  They look good, but they are a pain.  The recipe says I should have gotten 48.  I got 36.  I hope they taste good because I was so mad at them I refused to eat them. And then I did these. In my favorite raspberry.I went to the thrift shop and picked up a bunch of little dishes for a quarter and fifty cents.  And I had some bags left over from last year.  And we made these:And Emily and I are going to deliver them to some friends who are alone this holiday season.  And in between visits, we will pray for our friends who are alone.  Because Christmas isn’t joyful for some people.  Some people can’t wait for this season to be over.  And we hope to remind them… that Jesus loves them and cares about them.

5 months old

Since I have a nice camera, I get to be the one who takes all the pictures of Eily.  So, that means I get to post them first.  She’s five months old this week.  And she’s beautiful.That dimple on her right cheek is to die for.


Got a message from Abbie today that she is going to the doc in Trinidad.  She’s been not feeling real well… and last week she cut her finger with a knife.  It should have had stitches when it happened but it has only gotten worse over the last few days, swollen and huge… and just not. good.  She made the mistake of taking a picture and sending it to me. What can I say except that I’m a mom?  I am insane with worry when she is ill and needs medical attention.  It was all that I could do to keep myself from jumping on an airplane and rescuing her from her perils.I called the doctors office here and made like it was a real emergency and demanded the date of her last tetanus shot.  It was the only thing I had the power to do.  I got real crabby.  Poor nurse.Found out that her last tetanus was in 2008.  So, I texted her and told her that.  She said it was too late.  Her last tetanus was 12/14/10.Trusting God is easy…in theory.  I’m just being real here for a moment, but it’s easier for me …

12 days later…

I posted 12 days ago.  It’s ironic.  Just last night I sat down to write my Christmas letter and I was trying to fashion our letter in the form of a song to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas. Yeah, it wasn’t working for me either.I have issues with Christmas letters.  I want to write them all the time.  I always want to. I do I do.  But, when it comes down to it, I bore my self with the letter. I had high hopes this year.  We took family pictures in September and I was going to have them made into some beautiful Christmas cards and send them to all our loved ones… and then, I posted all the family pictures on facebook and my blog and now nobody will even think they are that great because they’ve seen them all.So, I decided to buy cards and just send a meaningful card.  But, my husband needed some for his business, and I didn’t feel like going to the store to get more (you just don’t leave these things up to men to choose) so I gave him the ones I bought… and they are beautiful by t…

Que Sera Sera

I haven’t blogged in well, forever.  I’ve pretty much decided that life is “whatever will be will be”.  So, a real quick catch up post, in list form.1. I could win an award for the ugliest Christmas tree.  We might have time to decorate this ugly tree after the holidays.2. I made the mistake of buying not-Starbucks coffee from the grocery store last week. Millstone. I can hardly stand to drink it.  I even doubled the amount of coffee grounds and it still taste like tea.3. My husband bought me an early Christmas present. Christmas blend coffee and my new favorite coffee cup to match.  Apparently all that complaining about the coffee in #2 gave him a great idea. Thank the Lord for Starbucks.4. Emily is in a Children’s Choir with the local college group and they are doing a Christmas concert.  I volunteered to help.  That means 3 hour practices all week this week, and their first concert 2.5 hours away on Friday. me + 2.5 hour bus ride + 40 kids = Saturday off.5. I dug up my copycat reci…