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47 Days til Christmas..

I was in Home Depot today and saw a sign that said "47 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS".

I panicked for a second... 47 DAYS???? oh my gosh... it's November and I didn't even know it! Where did the rest of October go? Did I fall asleep and miss the church harvest party? Who made the rockstar costume? How did the school musical go?

Ok.... a quick calculation in my head told me that it was wrong... but WHY did it say that?

For the record, there are


Days until Christmas.

Deliver Me O Jesus

I just posted this a month ago... but it needs to be repeated this month!

Deliver me O Jesus from the desire of being esteemed.
Deliver me, O Jesus from the desire of being loved
Deliver me, O Jesus from the desire of being extolled, honored, praised.
Deliver me O Jesus from the desire of being preferred to othersDeliver me O Jesus from the desire of being consulted and approved
Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being humiliated
Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being despised, and of suffering rebuke
Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being slandered, of being forgotten, or being ridiculed.
Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being wrongedand suspected.

That others may be loved more than I
That others may be esteemed more than I
That, in the opinion of the world, others may increase and I may decrease,
That others may be chosen and I set aside
That others may be praised and I go unnoticed
That others may be preferred to me in everything
That others may become holier than I, provided
that I may …

the Proverbs woman

I was reading Proverbs today... Proverbs 31 to be exact. That woman is incredible. But, this verse stuck out today:

verse 21 "When it snows she has no fear for her household, for all of them are clothed in scarlet."

This woman is PREPARED for anything. Serious. A far cry from me.

It snowed one day last week. Boots didn't even cross my mind. I was lucky to get a coat let alone boots or mittens or hats.... No, I'm not the Proverbs 31 woman.

I don't even have groceries in the house - no milk - no eggs - no bread. Last night for supper we had leftover chinese, cheese, tomatoes, and thuringer. Nobody in their right mind could consider that a meal.

I was going to go to the grocery store and actually COOK tonight. Then I found out that everyone has something going on. So, we're going out to eat.

((( SIGH ))))

oh how i wish i could be the proverbs 31 woman....


After sitting at the computer for what seems like hours I resort to this... nothing. It isn't as if I'm not incredibly busy and yes for Goodness Sake VERY Exciting, but I can't imagine you would be interested in hearing all about my delicious beef sub at the Diner today and how some young waiter kept calling me - of all things -- MA'AM!

HELLO??? Does that KID NOT know that I'm FUN and YOUNG and!!!

Why? Why oh why does it bother me so??? Ma'am: a term used in addressing the Queen or royal princess in Britain. Also, "a woman of refinement" or a "Polite address for a woman". I should feel honored, respected, downright royal!

Yet somehow, for some reason.... it's old.

It's not miss. It's not Ms. - for some reason they seem so... you know, young.

I was having lunch with an old friend from High School and he kept saying "sorry ma'am" and "thank you ma'am" and "this…


It's incredible that I haven't posted in this for nearly two weeks!! If I were a reader of my blog, I'd be tempted to quit. not really. blogging is quite addicting actually. You never really give up on the regulars that you read, no matter how lazy they get. I, for instance, have a few that I frequent regularly, even though they haven't blogged in WEEKS or MONTHS. I just click away at my favorites and go down the line checking for anything new.

Yeah, this is going to be a random post I can tell already.

I woke up tired this morning. tired. tired. tired. Why is it that occassionally I will wake up tired? I don't get it. Same sleep, same bed, same everything. Just one day all of the sudden, I'm still tired. The truth is that I wanted to take the kids to school and then go back to bed. Not for long. Just five or six hours. Then I could pick them up from school and feel refreshed. But, NOOOOOOOOOOO, I had to come to work. And uh..... "work".