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I am trying to take more pictures this year.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from January so far.New Year's Day toastEmily and her Great Grandma Beulah.Ailah and her umbrella... ok, this one is actually from December, but it's in the January folder. ;)Our winter freeze.  We had almost a week of this stuff. It was cold, but completely beautiful.Delicious pink cupcakes from a baby shower we hosted for Angela.  We can't wait to meet Isabella in March!

Keep Out

I'm not EXACTLY sure... but I think that maybe... just maybe... someone didn't want me to know just how bad her room was today.I love the skull and cross bones.  And I don't totally get why there is a key chain hanging there.  Crack. Me. Up.


Congratulations Abbie and Shanda.  You did it. You're done.  And in record time. Early. I'm so proud of you. Now on to bigger and better things.  Like college and jobs and paying bills like regular grown ups.  I can't wait to see what God does in your lives.  I can't wait to meet the friends you will make in the next few years.  I can't wait to experience life with you.  I don't know what life will bring.  But, if you look into the balcony of your mind... you will see me up there.  I'll be the one way up in the grandstand, waving my coat over my head, making an absolute fool out of myself, yelling "See that girl down there? She's the greatest!  She's terrific... and I love her!".  I'll be in your balcony forever, cheering you on....

My first post of 2010

My first post of 2010 should really be inspirational.
But, for some reason, I think it might be...uh...kind of dumb.

It seems so strange to actually be writing "2010". I knew I'd make it here. And actually, I remember when I was 17... I had to do a book report for an English class in high school. I picked out a book from the library and I just couldn't get into it.

So, I remember wandering around the school library... I can still see it the way it was that day... and I decided to read a book that is SO not me. It was only a few years old at the time... written just two years earlier or so... 2010 A Space Odyssey. I think that year, it was even made into a movie.

I'm not sure what came over me... why I wanted to read that book. I think maybe I was intrigued by what 2010 would look like... would it really be a space odyssey? Would we have flying cars like the Jetsons? Would I live in an ultra-modern round home?

And oh... what I would give to read that book repor…