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My list of things to do this weekend

1. Clean up Thursday nights supper mess.
2. Find the red arm thingy for the dance recital.
3. Attend the dance recital.
4. Find my dad's father's day gift. (I thought about it two weeks ago but just didn't do anything about it)
5. Finish my laundry that I started on Wednesday.
6. Make 8 pole thingys for VBS decorations
7. Take my brother Dairy Queen (I missed his birthday because he was out of town)
8. Go to Mary's garage sale.
9. ssssssssssllllllllllllllllllleep.

Not bad huh?

Tomorrow is the dreaded day.

Well, the time has come. It seems like it has been a lifetime, but it has only been ten months. Longer than it takes to have a baby. But less than it takes to finish a scrapbook. Julia leaves tomorrow.

You heard about her here and then here and here you saw her. I realize now that there was quite a bit of silence on this blog about her. I guess I didn't write about her much.

It has been a year of great experiences for all of us. We have absorbed Julia into our home and she has truly become part of our family. Letting her leave tomorrow will be hard.

For the past ten months, we have shared our lives with her. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I believe it has been a great ten months for her too. We've tried to do everything we would normally do... and allow her to experience life in the US as it truly is. And in our family, it's craziness! :) This past week, the girls slept out in the tent in the backyard, we went jet skiing, tubing in the river, had a farewell …

the end of some crazy times

A good sign that I am back in the world of the living is that I am blogging again!

It is hard to blog when life is at it's utmost of craziness! So, here's a sample of where I've been:

1. The iPod drawing went great! I played musical chairs and went through a process of elimination using the leaders to represent the kids names. It was fun! And a really cool kid won the iPod...well, hey they are all really cool kids so I wish we had 50 iPods to give away.

2. my sweet Lindsey graduated from High School. That event alone took me to a place I have never been before. She is done with High School forever. It may seem cliche' but I know that it was just yesterday she was sucking her thumb with her blanket and not wanting to leave my side. I know it was just yesterday when she watched Cinderella a thousand times a day. I know it was just yesterday when she was in second grade and didn't want to go to school so badly that she was physically ill. My sweet darling separ…