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it's a mullet

I went to get a long overdue haircut the other day and I told her I needed more "height". "I don't really want any taken off the bottom...or just a little. But, I really need it layered more at top and height. It just is so flat and boring all the time."
Then it dawned on me and I said "I think I just asked you to give me a mullet".
So... I know my adult daughters cringe when I attempt to take photos of myself. And rightly so. I haven't learned the art of self-photos. I manage to come up with these strange faces and eyebrow raises (fyi: the only time my wrinkles on my forehead go away I THINK is when I raise my I have all of these ridiculous photos of me that I have to mostly delete because I raise my eyebrows like a dork)
Here it is. My new mullet. These were the best of the 100 photos I took. I couldn't get the camera to focus on me...kept focusing on the mirror edge... again, don't know what I'm doing...

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Just curious...

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It's Monday.

I know I'm in the minority of the world...but I really don't mind Mondays. See, I worked it out this year that my day off is on Wednesday... so Mondays to me are like Thursday. And then Thursdays are Thursdays too... I never have to experience the horrible sinking feeling of a Monday. :)

And today... Em is home with a headache. So, I just HAVE to stay home with her. Which means I haven't worked yet this week and tomorrow is FRIDAY. See how that works?

It's just a little mind game I play to keep myself going.

Lately, we've been a bit busy during our free time. Our 16 year old is planning to go on a mission trip to Mexico this summer and she's got to raise $900 to go. So, hubby and I have donated our time - everything she works we will match - and we're cleaning and painting one side of a duplex that was trashed by some college kids. We're on the home stretch... we thought we would finish up yesterday but we ran out of paint. So, we…

He ain't heavy: He's my brother



I have been thinking about something I heard last week.  It was along the lines of "I'm not the same as I was 10 years ago..."Without going into great detail on the entire caused me to really think.  I'm not the same.  I'm not the same person that I was 10 years ago.  I'm not the same person as I was 5 years ago.  I'm not the same as I was even... 2 years...or 1 year... or 6 months ago.I've changed.  And I know that I wouldn't want to be that 30 year old... that 35 year old... that 37 year old... that 39 year old... that I used to be.  And I even would go as far to say that I really don't want to be the kind of person I was... yesterday.I know that life and sin and hurts have tripped me up in life.  I've made a lot of mistakes.  I was really dumb 10 years ago... and probably, I think it would be safe to say... that in 10 years... I'll look back at 40 year old me and say that I was really dumb today.  Because that is what …

Happy Birthday Jitzu!

To our beautiful daughter #2 ....

Happy Birthday to an amazing woman!
We LOVE YOU! (and we love your famous pouty face)
Mom and Dad