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new ac, lots of kids,new to me show, and other stuff

Very random post today. Hello, what day isn't random for me right?

So, last night, I saw this show on tv that I didn't know existed. Prime time goes canine. I watched part of it and found myself wanting to watch the rest of it. It was so cute. I didn't get to see it I decided to watch it online today to see who would get to stay. You should check it out. I want one of those cute little doggies!

We are getting our new furnace at the office. It's a good thing. We've had window ac units since we came back after the flood and it is comfortable...but noisy.

Tonight we get all five of our munchkins (see yesterday's post). We are looking forward to having little ones around again.

Tomorrow is August 1 - we celebrate our 20th Anniversary in August. 20 years ago... seems like yesterday. We're celebrating with a trip here. I'm super excited to spend 4 lovely days with my prince charming on this fabulously romantic island.

I still haven't boug…


Today is a day we can mark down in the history books for sure. I think it is probably one of many to come in the future as one by one, our kids grow up.

We're childless tonight. The two oldest are in another city doing work for a property management company as they get ready for college students moving in. The third one is at high school summer camp. And the youngest... is spending the third night in a row at Grammas house. (She is so. addicted. to staying overnight at Grammas).

So, I'm begging my husband to take me out to eat (even though it's the end of the month and the budget is thin).

I guess it's a night of freedom considering what is coming.....

Tomorrow night begins two weeks of see what we're made of. :)
Two very dear friends of ours are going on a missions trip to Bulgaria. And we are watching their five (yes, you read that right... I said 5) kids while they are gone for two weeks.

It's actually not totally two weeks. We have a few days…

no way

I was reading a few things on fashion trends... and ran across this.
I am not even sure why women wear pantyhose.... now they have mantyhose! The advertisers say "these male underwear are the most comfortable you will ever wear next to your skin"... and "these are not your mother's pantyhose!". I'm not buying it. No way. Growing up in the 80's, we loved our hose. They started to fade away in the 90's... and every now and then, when I attempt to wear them in 2008, my girls guffaw at why in the world would I wear them? (It has something to do with gravity). I personally think it is a wicked evil marketing ploy to get men to want to buy the one thing they have never been able to get away with wearing unless they are Robin Hood. Puhleeeze.


Our oldest daughter moved to a new apartment this weekend. It's a few blocks from her old one. And so, we spent the last two days moving all her STUFF to the new place. It's a cute little place and she's going to have fun decorating it with all her fun second hand redone treasures she's found over the last few years. She's got quite the talent for finding garage sale and second hand store things, and repainting or redoing them and making them fun and fresh.

I was moving a mattress, and twisted just wrong... and hurt my back. I spent the rest of the day (only one more load) on ice and rest. I don't know why in the world I didn't think of that sooner!!

So, today brought me to the chiropractor, who pushed and pulled and tried to get me back into shape. I'm still in pain... I'm pretty sure I will have to get my family to make supper and clean the house and do the laundry this week. It might take me an entire week to get better!

vacation relapse

relapse - verb:
1. to fall or slip back into a former state
2. to regress


I never realized how LONG an 8 hour shift is until today.

back to work

Today is the "back to work day". Vacation is over. ((sniffle)).

We came home early from up north so we could do some "stuff" around the house for the last few days. hehe. yeah. right. stuff like, you know...important stuff.

for instance,... I cooked every night. That's stuff.
And...I read 3 fluffy books. That's some stuff.
We rented some movies. One of which (Be Kind Rewind with Jack Black)...don't waste your money.
We - uh - went shopping. More stuff.

Ok. Alright already. We didn't get any stuff done!!!

Which proves the old adage... the busier you are, the more you get done. I have to stay busy, or I'm going to waste away.

We didn't have internet when we came home. And we've been so busy with our "stuff" that neither one of us has bothered to find out why. So, today, I'm catching up on bloglines. you know, while I'm "on break" at work.


We're enjoying our vacation. I thought I would check my email daily and post on my blog.

wrong. no internet.

Here's a sampling of our week so far.

hit and run and i need a new camera

That's it - I'm officially going to buy myself a new camera. Forget the stupid dave ramsey budget, I'm going to get one whether we're ready or not. I'm so sick of having to borrow someone else's camera just to post a picture on my blog. Therefore, I never have any pictures on here.

Today, something really interesting happened. And I wanted to tell ya'll about it with a nice photo. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Lindsey came to work this morning. Then we went to lunch together. When we got back, we noticed that her car had a pretty bad smashed in corner in the front. A hit and run. So, we got to call the local police... file a report... and well, that's all the excitement there is. It has some white or silver or light blue paint on it. So, we're on the hunt for a white or silver or light blue car that has some green paint that matches her car.... and when we find em, boy oh boy is it going to be fun.

Yeah, so ... okay... a lot more interesting story…

Movie Review

Last night, we rented some movies. We stayed up too late, and watched two. The second one was Bucketlist. It is with Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, and Sean Hayes. The first one was dumb and not worth mentioning really.

It's a story about two men (Nicholson and Freeman) who learn they have cancer and make a bucket list (a list of things to do before they kick the bucket). They left the hospital and began to fulfill their list.

I went to bed last night thinking... what kinds of things would I put on my bucket list? That's hard to do. I tried to come up with something.. one. thing. to do before I turned 40 and couldn't come up with something. But, if I knew I only had 6 months to live, what would I want to do?

Surely, it would be some of the obvious things... call my mom, make amends with my sister, make sure my brother knows how desperately I love him, hold my girls for hours and hours, make love to my husband a million times, drink starbucks until I vomit... but bey…


Beefy tagged me for a meme. It's one I haven't done before...and sounds interesting. goes.

Here are the rules: All of the answers must be just one word.

1. Where is your cell phone? desktop
2. Your significant other? fun
3. Your hair? dirty
4. Your mother? distant
5. Your father? loner
6. Your favorite thing? coffee
7. Your dream last night? confusing
8. Your favorite drink? coffee
9. Your dream/goal? sanity
10. The room you’re in? unorganized
11. Your church? people
12. Your fear? moths
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? grandmother
14. Where were you last night? sleeping
15. What you’re not? night-owl
16. Muffins? blueberry
17. One of your wish list items? hairdryer
18. Where you grew up? U.S.
19. The last thing you did? makeup
20. What are you wearing? capris
21. Your TV? fuzzy
22. Your pets? Gucci
23. Your computer? three
24. Your life? unorganized
25. Your mood? cranky
26. Missing someone? Tammy
27. Your car? community
28. Something you’re not wearing? socks
29. Favorite store? statio…

still moving

Moving Moving Moving is the name of the game.
Taking some time to re-organize things a bit too. Changing it up a bit you know. Some people (my father-in-law) can't handle the changes but they(he) will get used to it. :)

I'm reading your blogs via bloglines but not taking the extra time to comment.

Thank you for the prayers for our community - family - business.

moving back

Today is a momentous day.

Exactly 24 days ago, we moved all of our office to our home due to severe flooding. So, we've been overloaded at home with employees, customers, phone calls, and just plain old "stuff".

Today... we are moving back to the office.

Honestly, I think it was easier moving out. We only had a few hours and we had to work as fast as we could and shove everything into boxes and bins and get it out.

Upon returning, we have to touch every. single. item. and put it in it's proper place.

We're taking advantage of this time to rearrange a little. I gave up my private office for one of the salesmen to have his own office. And I am rearranging all the displays and trying to come up with a better configuration for things....which is no easy task.

The bottom line... I don't know why we have so much stuff. blech. I will spend the next several days at work getting things back into order before we actually get anything accomplished.

It amazes me how much …

groundhog musings...

We have a little furry friend that has taken up residence in a huge hole in our backyard. We saw him the other day when he showed up in the middle of the yard, far from the hole he had inhabited. So far, he hasn't bothered us too much. I don't have any plants planted this year as I am determined to grow grass first before tackling any other plantings. (I will save our unsuccessful grass story for another blog entry). So, I'm not worried about his chewing anything...since our yard is mostly weeds. Anyway, in a conversation with the neighbor the other day, she mentioned that she might have her husband set a trap to get rid of the varmits. Although I know this little guy is probably a pest, and doing destruction somewhere that I don't know about...(like the neighbors garden), I'm not sure I'm ready to get rid of him all together. I think I might watch the movie "Groundhog Day" this weekend, just to gain an appreciation for my furry friend.