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Christmas 2008


2 days to Christmas

These yummy little guys were delivered to our house from Germany - from our Julia. Thank you Julia!  I feel so guilty eating these cute little Santas...but that won't last long.I may not be blogging for a couple of days.  Our internet doesn't work at home right now so unless my husband has some superhuman hours to get the washer fixed, the office cleaned, the garage cleaned out, the shelves hung, and then, the computer modem fixed, you won't be hearing from me no sireee.Things I'm looking forward to over Christmas break:1. witnessing my big brother Todd beat the pants off of everyone with his sweet pool playing skills (i live for this because normally I am the loser... you know... big brother doing my dirty work for me).2. singing 80's karaoke mercilessly while my children listens with jealousy that they do not know all the words to the songs.3. screaming ball-room blitz at the top of our lungs while returning from shopping (oh wait...that was last night... and Abb…

3 days to Christmas

There are 3 days to Christmas.  And I'm not ready.All of our events from our busy week were canceled this past weekend due to inclement weather.  Which freed up a lot of time to do NOTHING.  Because we couldn't leave our house.  These pictures really don't do it justice.  We had about 10 inches of snow.  It took my husband 4 hours to blow the driveway open.  Then, the following night, we had high winds, and it blew shut... another hour to clear. We did, however, have the concert on Friday night.  Emily sang so sweet.  I was so proud of her.  They wore their pajamas and sang a song from the Polar Express.Lindsey made it home.... we're still waiting for Haleigh to show up.  Weather was too bad.Tonight, I'm going to brave the below ZERO temperatures and go to Target.I have to. HAVE to.Tomorrow after work, I will wrap. and wrap. and wrap. and wrap.Technorati Tags: ,,,

7 days to Christmas

Tonight, 7 days before Christmas... we're all bracing for a snow storm. It's supposed to be a big one. But, so far, nothin.

Tonight, 7 days before Christmas, my 9 year old will sing a duet at the HS Orchestra concert - a song from the Polar Express... and she's praying there is no snow storm (until after the concert).

Tonight, 7 days before Christmas, my 16 year old will also sing in the same concert.

Tonight, 7 days before Christmas, my 19 year old is coming home.... hopefully before the storm hits.

Tonight, 7 days before Christmas, my dad's train rolls in from California.. hopefully before the storm hits.

My 21 year old comes home in a couple of days... there is something about having all of your loved ones home.

8 days to Christmas

8 days to Christmas and this is what I'm doing...

I made these cute little cookie gifts. They are filled with eggnog spritz cookies. I bought the containers at a consignment store for under a dollar and baked cookies to put inside them...
And then THIS... this is something you have NEVER seen from me before....

Yes, dear internets, it's a home-made Christmas! I'm right proud of myself.

This is my dear mother-in-law and sewing mentor Marge. I'm glad she doesn't read my blog or she'll kill me for posting this picture. She has helped me so much with my little sewing project. She's been real encouraging at all my crooked stitches.

9 days to Christmas

Yesterday I wasn't panicked. I was great. Because I knew that today I was going to get in a vehicle with my husband and drive to a city nearby. We were going for other reasons, but I knew there was a mall there... and a fabulous TJ Maxx (oh TJ how I love you), and I could finish my really-close-to-being-done Christmas shopping.

But, for some reason, the weather man had to deliver bad bad bad news. To the tune of 4 to 6 inches.

Therefore, no shopping will occur. none. zippo.

And it's 9 days to Christmas. 9 days. 9.

(((( sigh ))))

10 days to Christmas

A few years ago, we began implementing a new family Christmas tradition in the form of an advent calendar similar to this one. Ours is a bit different but the same concept. Instead of candy, which by the way is a great idea, each slot is filled with a note. The note is a family activity that we get to do together. Sometimes our schedules are a bit hectic so we don't always do it ALL together. I usually put the notes in and before I do, I look ahead at the holiday calendar to see which days will be crazy and which can accomodate more time. Some of the things that have been done this year include "Subway Eat Fresh for supper!" "Call a Grandparent and sing a holiday song" "say a prayer for someone in need" "bake cookies" "watch a Christmas movie" "play a family game - Dad's choice" "play a card game" It's a fun way for us to be purposeful at spending time together when the days and nights seem to be filled…

13 days to Christmas

Last night we went to the annual downtown Christmas Greetings Windows in our town. We have a business on the main street so this Jolly fellow was in our window. 13 Days to Christmas. The schedule is full and crazy. Tonight - Santa Sing at the Bank Tomorrow - kids sing at church service Sunday - sing at church service again Monday - HS choir concert Thursday- Orchestra concert singing Friday - Christmas party Saturday - Dance Recital All of those things have practices and rehearsals all over the place... it's making me dizzy. But, truth be told... I wouldn't trade it for the world.

cute and sassy new look!

The previous post was the "before" and this is the "after". She got 8 inches taken off and sent them to Locks of Love.

she's so crazy


2 Corinthians

This morning in my daily Bible reading, I started reading 2 Corinthians.  I really needed to hear from Paul this morning!This verse really hit home:6 Even when we are weighed down with troubles, it is for your comfort and salvation! For when we ourselves are comforted, we will certainly comfort you. Then you can patiently endure the same things we suffer.I took some time and meditated on this verse.  This idea of comfort.... I realized that there have been lots of times in my life that I have looked back on something and realized that God had used a particular set of circumstances in my life to give me compassion and be available to comfort others going through the same thing.  Lots of them.However, I didn't always know it at the time I was suffering.  It was some time... hours, days, weeks, months, even at times years later that I would realize what I had gone through was useful to pray for and minister with and alongside another brother or sister in Christ.Today, I needed to be …

All State Choir

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Before and After

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Thanksgiving - grammas and aunts and uncles and cousins


my brother todd

This is my brother Todd.
He's one of my heroes.

Usually, I can find him in the garage with his head under a car. We've had some pretty serious talks with him in this position.

He's building a car. It's the second one he's built.

a meme

Chrysanthemama, at Chrysanthemama, tagged me in this meme. I promised to post it last week on Friday, and of course, didn’t. So, I am doing it now. My coffee is steaming hot and this might take me a while.

Rules of MEME:
1) Link to the person who tagged you. Chrysanthemama
2) Post the rules on your blog (you are reading them).
3) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below).
4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
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AHEM! Random things. My entire blog is pretty random so I may be repeating myself. As if you haven’t heard that before.
1. I want a dog. I think. I say I think because, well, I want a dog…but then my husband always reminds me that dogs make doo doo and have long fingernails that click and scratch wood floors. So, really, most days I fluctuate somewhere between wanting a dog and not wanting a dog. It’s pretty much the emotional reas…

Honest Award

I have two different tags that I haven't gotten to for the last couple of weeks, so today is the tag day. I will post twice in one day. Now that's amazing. So...RULES OF THE HONEST SCRAP AWARD (first of all... pretty tricky calling it an award let me say) When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you - which would be my lovely darling truth telling friend Mel. , and link them back, which I did, but I'll do it again here. Choose a blog that you find to be totally honest in content and visuals. There are a lot, but since she chose me in the next meme I will do after this one, I choose Santa's Daughter. Show their name (okay... it's chrysanthemama? and link and leave them a comment (I will) informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’. List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. And then, pass it on. Okay... ten honest things about myself. Do they have to be honest things …

look up

This morning, I had some dishes to wash. I was standing at my kitchen sink washing dishes and thinking about all of the things I really needed to accomplish.
All of the sudden, I looked up and saw the sky. It was amazing. I have no idea what made me look up. But I did.

I wondered ... how often do I bury my head and think about tasks and chores and my to do list, and neglect to appreciate the things God puts right there before my very eyes?
Take some time today to LOOK UP!

busy weekend plans

I'm really looking forward to my weekend. I just had a day off work yesterday, and already I'm looking for the weekend! Crazy!

Friday night I'm going here. I am really looking forward to a night of worship.
Saturday night we're going to church and out to eat. I think I will make my family let me choose the place. :)
Sunday is Em's dance recital at a Festival of Trees. We're going to get into the Christmas spirit already!! Whoo hooo!

On another note, I did some Christmas shopping yesterday. I know... don't faint. I am usually the manic shopper on Christmas Eve trying to finish up. But, I actually purchased some gifts BEFORE Thanksgiving this year.

I've been reading the book of Esther - a chapter at a time - the last week. Absorbing it and really sinking my teeth into this woman. It's been good. This morning, I also read this out of 2 Chronicles 20 and I've been meditating on it all day.

2 Chron 20:12 " O our God, will you not judge the…

my weekend - in pictures

I should add "not-so-good" pictures. And don't worry. I won't post a whole lot of my bad photos.
I will get the hang of it. But, why is it that it LOOKS like it's in focus when I'm taking them. But, when I get them on my computer screen, they aren't. Friday Night - she wanted to get her nose pierced but the piercing lady wasn't there. (She did it the next day instead without me and my camera)

Saturday morning coffee - my best friend Mary. I love our Saturday morning coffee time. I love Mary.

I was waiting with my camera when she woke up - I needed a subject to practice on.
Our kitty Gucci was the victim of much picture practice this weekend. My husband is a bass player. I haven't heard him play for a few months. It was nice to hear him on Saturday. He taught Abbie a couple of chords. Abbers was in "Les Miserable" High School Musical on Saturday.
Aunt Shera and Shanda came with us to the musical.
We were running a bit late for church on Su…