Friday, July 30, 2010

crazy things happen around here but this one is a record-breaker


I don’t know, but I think I might just have the only story this interesting in blogosphere. 

At about 1:30am this morning, we heard a loud boom.  I jolted up and said “WHAT WAS THAT?” Then said “Go check honey”.

We both kind of shook our heads and bit and tried to listen if it was storming. It sounded to me like someone slammed the garage door.

Shawn got up in his pjs and went out to the front of the house.  He walked over to the driveway and was wondering what he had heard.  All of the sudden, he heard some engine revving.  Poor Abbie… he instantly thought “What is ABBIE doing in the garage?”.  Then he saw the garage door was bowed out,


and he thought to himself “what did she run into the door?”.

As he peeked into the window this is what he saw:


Suddenly, cops, ambulance, paramedics, all flied into our yard and wandered over.  He ran over to the other side of the garage (the back side):


A young, extremely inebriated woman wandered out of our garage.  Shawn went over to her and asked if she was okay.  She replied, “I lost control of my truck and crashed into your garage”. 

As the night unfolded, we discovered that an EMT had just gotten off work and lived across the road.  He had gone upstairs to go to bed and was standing in the second story of his house looking out his bedroom window and saw the woman drive through our neighbors yard and take out two trees:


Then proceed to continue all the way across the yard to our garage, and barrel into it.


Coming to a stop in our garage.


Lucky for us, our car wasn’t in the garage tonight.  Unlucky for us, we had been set up to have a garage sale…. so LOTS and LOTS of other stuff WAS in there:




And now the wait begins.  Insurance adjuster, please come. We really need to clean up this mess.



Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear friend

Dear Friend,

Why do you come at the WORST possible times? And you seem to just LOVE to hang out ALL….DAY….LONG…. just nagging and nagging and nagging… and just when I think I’ve gotten rid of you, there you are again. And again. And again.

I woke up this morning, there you were.  You followed me to work.  I tried to get rid of you there.  I went to lunch at Hy-Vee…. you had to tag along.  I came home from work, thinking I would finally be rid of you, and sure enough, you were at my home too.

I don’t know how to politely say you ARE DRIVING ME C R A Z Y.  I like friends… I do… but enough is enough.  You need to leave. I want to have a little peace and quiet.  I am the type of person that likes stillness at times in my life, and your constant presence prevents me from having any peace at all. 

We have a rule in our home.  It’s called the three hour rule.  When we are invited to someone’s home, we stay three hours!!!  That’s it!!! No MORE!  And when we’re not invited…it’s even less.

I don’t recall inviting you.   Nope.  I didn’t.  There is no invitation with your name on it.  You aren’t supposed to be here.  You have been here too long.  You are rude and you have ignored the three hour rule.  Please leave now.

I don’t even want to mention your name for fear that you will be confused and think I want you here.  I do not so I must tell you… I am talking to YOU my friend, Headache!

Oh come on… did you really think it could be anyone else?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

These are the things I think about…

I was ironing my clothes today… and I used spray starch.  As I sprayed my pants, I realized I needed to add that to the Wal-mart list because it was almost gone.  I wondered how many people have never used spray starch before in their lives… or even ironed. 

Then, I started thinking about the movie “Hairspray” and how the mom (a fabulous role played by John Travolta by the way) ironed clothes for a living. 

And I wondered… what other things are the jobs of “yesteryear”.  Obsolete jobs that people just don’t do anymore?

The milkman, once a necessary job in the USA, is no longer.  The elevator operator…. I never understood why they had them.  Could people really not figure out how to operate an elevator?  The pony express rider…. I wonder how many people have a pony express rider in their family?  The telephone switchboard operator.  They weren’t around in my time, but I’ve heard it was quite a popular job for women.

And 50 years from today… in the year 2060, what will the obsolete jobs of today be? What things will people look back on and wonder why they ever paid someone to do that? Common jobs that lots of people do today…. receptionists? bank tellers? wal-mart greeters?

Yes folks….these are the things I think about….

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Baby Lulu 143

My granddaughter is here and I have to say – I could seriously just DIE.  She is SO perfect… SO SO SO SO!

7 lbs 20 inches long

sweet beautiful smart perfect Eily Amira.

The funniest thing ever… she will always be LuLu to me.  I keep forgetting her name is Eily, I’ve called her LuLu for so long.

Monday, July 12, 2010


She won’t be mad at me for posting this picture of her on my blog.  Why? Because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know my blog exists… or even actually, what a blog is.  So, I’m going to take a chance and post a non-flattering picture of her on here. Besides, I think she looks beautiful even here.


This is Christine. (I almost edited out the shoulder but then realized it would take me a lot longer to figure out how to edit that than it would to write this entire post).

My earliest memories of her are on the playground in 6th grade at our elementary school.  That’s where we met.

Christine and I shared so much in life for so long.  We have a long list of “firsts” that we participated in each others lives.  First make-up, first boyfriend, first kiss, first fight, first trouble, first sneak out of the house….first lots of things.

Our lives have gone different directions, and we have our own families, in separate communities.  But, every now and then, we get together and check in.

How are you doing? How is the family? Is everyone healthy? Are you okay? Is your husband treating you well? Are you well? I love you! If anything ever happens – you know big stuff – I’ll be there for you!

This weekend, I got a call that Chris and her husband were travelling on their motorcycles and hit a deer.  They were in the hospital and that’s all I knew.  I panicked – took in some deep breaths – and rushed to the hospital.

Broken up a bit, but alive.  As soon as we saw each other, we cried.  And I prayed and thanked God she was alive.

Chris has a broken tibia and fibula.  She had surgery to put in a rod and some screws. Trent has a broken collar bone, broken rib, and crushed vertebra.  He had given Chris his leather jacket before the ride, and was just wearing short sleeves… so the nurses at the hospital spent 3 hours yesterday morning picking gravel out of his wounds.

They are quite a pair, in their separate rooms.  When the nurses come in, they usually ask about how each other are before they make their needs and requests known.  They got to spend a couple minutes together while I was there… with their morphine pumps and all.


Lord, thank you, for giving Chris and Trent more time on this earth.  Continue your work in their hearts, and lives.  Thank you for a deep friendship that time cannot erase.  Continue your work in our friendship.  You alone are the giver of life.  You alone get all the credit and glory for sparing their lives. I love You Lord.  And I trust that You have a plan and can work good out of even this situation.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 234th Birthday America

Fireworks, hot dogs, apple pie, Chevrolet, stars and stripes, BBQs, sparklers, firecrackers, hopscotch, parades… they all incite similar things to Americans.  Sure, we all add our own versions.  Some add camping, ice cream, naps, vacations.  Others add motorcycles, family reunions, and kayaking.

Last night, our family went to our local fireworks display.  It was the first time for our son-in-law to experience fireworks with us.  We’re pretty proud of our fireworks here.

We deposited ourselves on the concrete steps of the local elementary school early so we had a good, close view.  Friends and family sauntered in to join us as the evenings display drew nearer… by 10pm our number grew from 13 (okay, not so small to begin with)… to nearly 25 of us sprawled out in chairs and blankets…amidst hundreds or thousands of people in our community…. young and old.

At 10pm sharp, the music began and we experienced the sights and sounds of celebration.  For 30 minutes, we screeched and hollered, while the kids squealed in awe at the amazing display we call fireworks.  The smell of  gun powder was thick. The smoke would surge, and then be carried away by the breeze.  The ash would fall as we all watched intently to see where the next one would land. 

As we crept slowly home through the traffic, the thought crossed my mind…234 years ago, Americans gained our freedom.  Freedom we do not take lightly.  And although we sometimes take it for granted, we are free.

Today, I deeply appreciate the men and women who have fought so valiantly for our freedom.  I pause… even if it is for a brief moment… and am profoundly grateful for our forefathers, who diligently persevered through seemingly impossible circumstances and situations, for rights we now call “inalienable”.

Happy Birthday America!