Thursday, March 27, 2008

yeah, right.

An atomic clock is a type of clock that uses an atomic resonance frequency standard to feed its counter. The national standards say that it will maintain an accuracy of 1 part in 1014 (whatever that means, but it sounds really accurate).

They maintain a continues and stable time and they are syncronized using lead seconds to UT1 which is based on actual rotations of the earth with respect to the mean sun. (ACCORDING to Wikipedia ).

Sellers of this revolutionary clock boast of its accuracy and some of the selling points include, of course, that you will NEVER be late. ever. You know, because you always have the exact time.

Makes sense.

The official time change occurred several weeks ago. My computer is correct, my cell phone is correct, my D cell battery operated 1956 alarm clock is correct, my ipod is correct....

But, for the past several weeks, every time I glance at the revolutionary atomic perfectly accurate clock in the office, I am temporarily thrown into orbit thinking I came in to work an hour earlier than I needed to... or that expense report didn't take as long as I thought it did or wow, I'm really hungry for lunch and it's only 10:45am, or I have an entire hour and fifteen minutes until the accountant comes, or the salesman doesn't have an appointment for another 45 minutes why is he stressing like the customer is late, or why are my kids calling me when they should be in school still?

They lied.

I will have to count the weeks until the thing changes on it's own.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

garage sales

It wasn't all that long ago... was it 20 years? 25 years? okay... so, I take it back. It just seems like yesterday.

I just remember when I went to my first garage sale. My mother-in-law got me hooked. She was such a great garage saler back-in-the-day. We would scope out the newspaper and mark the best ones, map it all out, and then head out early in hopes that they will open the doors just a teensy tinsy minute or two or five early so we can have a first look. We would always scorn on the ones who were rigid and stuck to the "NO early sales" rule. We were so funny.

One of us would drive, and one would navigate.... and we would hit them all. every. single. one.

Every spring, about this time, I begin to feel "it". If you are a garage saler you know what "it" is. I don't have to explain. But, I'll tell you - for those of you who don't know.

"It" is a rush you begin to feel in anticipation of getting the best sale, the best deal. "It" is that tinge of excitement when you see those words: SALE TODAY. "It" is that panic you feel when you think you might have missed out on a purchase, as you see someone walk away from a sale carrying something you KNOW you would have paid double for. "It" is the indwelling emotion of thrill, excitement, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and pride all at one time.

I can mildly compare "It" to a few things.... a child in her bed on Christmas Eve, a hunter the morning of the big hunt, a fisherman at 5am when he knows the fish are biting, a gardener in the spring.... if you know those emotions, then you know "It".

This is the week. This is the week "it" starts. Now THIS is the first sign of spring.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

something random

I was hit this morning with a sudden realization that I haven't posted ANYthing on this blog for almost a week. No wonder I lose readers!

I think today is another one of those random days. I told Heth the other day that I could probably tag all of my blog entries "random". After I walked away from the conversation, it struck me as really funny and I laughed all the way home. I am sure that nobody else sees it quite as funny as I do... it's my sense of humor that nobody ever seems to get.

So, here are a few random pieces of information about our lives.

1. It's spring - and we know it because the pile of snow that was in the school playground is now black. It hasn't totally melted. It just turned black.

2. There were 17 (we counted them) robins in my backyard on Easter Sunday.

3. I have gained 10 pounds since Sunday from all the candy and creamy food we ate.

4. Haleigh has an interview this week for an internship in sunny california that she really wants. Good Luck Haleigh!

5. Abbie has an interview at an ice cream store in town today. It's a bittersweet thing really. I want her to get the job cuz she really wants it. And I want to visit her there. a lot. But then, in light of #3 above, I really shouldn't.

6. Em decided Enrique Fashions (pronounced En -REEK- A) is going to be a hit when she grows up. She is a self-proclaimed fashionista. Oh.. and I should add that everyone that is in her band will also wear her fashions and be super trendy sassy fun cool and fantastic. (her words, not mine)

7. I am in the mood to spend lots and lots and lots of money here. It doesn't happen very often, so I really need to take advantage of my mood and get with it to get something done. See? Another proof of spring.

Have a super sassy fun cool and fantastic day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is it a fad?

A couple of weeks ago, my 9 year old told me she needed to wear jeans with butt pockets because on "What Not To Wear" they tell people with no butt to wear jeans with butt pockets. Hello? You're 9!! You're not supposed to have a butt!
Yesterday, she asked her dad to borrow a pink tie to go with her outfit to wear to school. I was seriously thinking she was joking. She wasn't. She wore it.
I was a little worried about how the other kids would take it. But, it must have gone well because today, she wanted another one to wear.
I stood in the back of her, giving my husband "the eye"... so he said "not today". What would Stacy and Clinton say to that???

Thursday, March 13, 2008

signs of spring

His Girl talked about spring today in her blog!
I love her photos of Spring.

Unfortuntaly, that isn't how it is in the midwest.

Spring usually starts like this.... the ice and snow turn to slush.

So, uh.... welcome spring?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Okay, so as you can see (if you frequent this blog daily that is) that I have a little blog identity crisis going on. I have changed it frequently lately and am still not satisfied. So, sorry if it's hard to read or if you get here and you think "this isn't the right blog"... cuz I just can't make up my mind right now. Maybe I should go back to the original boring one.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So, all night last night I couldn't sleep. I felt like I was Eli Stone. This song kept running through my head.... I like the song and all, but all. night. long?

I Am Free
Through You the blind will see
Through You the mute will sing
Through You the dead will rise
Through You all hearts will praise
Through You the darkness flees
Through You my heart screams, I am free!
I am free to run (I am free to run)
I am free to dance (I am free to dance)
I am free to live for you (I am free to live for you)
I am free (I am free)
Chorus: I am free I am free
I am free to run (I am free to run)
I am free to dance (I am free to dance)
I am free to live for you (I am free to live for you)
I am free (I am free)
Yes I am free

So, then this morning I got up and did my devotions. This is the verse I journaled on:

S - Galatians 2:12&13 When he first arrived he ate with the Gentile Christians, who were not circumcised. But, afterward, when some friends of James came, Peter wouldn't eat with the Gentiles anymore. He was afraid of criticism from these people who insisted on the necessity of circumcision. As a result, other Jewish Christians followed Peter's hypocrisy, and even Barnabas was led astray by their hyprocisy.

O- Peter fell for the belief that the law should still be kept even though it was no longer necessary to be circumcised in the flesh. He had a bit of fear of criticism from his fellow Jews who felt it was necessary. As a result of his fear, others - even Barnabas - ones who were younger in the faith - were led astray.

A - It never ceases to amaze me to see how our fears and insecurities can affect others faith. I don't think Peter had a big moral failing as a Christian. I think, when faced with his peers, he was confronted with his own fears. What IF circumcision really did matter? He no doubt did not intend to lead others astray. He most likely was confronted with his own background and tradition of years of living as a Jew clashing with his new found faith in Christ.
For us, it is the same. MANY things in the body of Christ today are a result of this same clash of worlds. TRADITION often wins over relationship. I wonder how many young believers are led astray because of our own fears and insecurites of not measuring up to what our past dictates we should be or do. I wonder how many relationships are bound up because of the strings of religion we have wrapped them in.

P - Father thank you for using your Word to reveal this sin in my life. let me never forget that through You I AM FREE. Your word says that it is better for a man to have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the sea than to cause a young one to sin. God, if my own fears or traditions have caused any young believer to sin, then I ask your forgiveness right now. God, would you set them free? And would you forgive me? Lord, guard my mouth, that I would not speak one word that would lead another to think that a love relationship with you is not enough. Guard my heart to always let relationship trump rules. Thank you for your freedom extended to me in love. Amen.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weekend Update

It's 5:30pm on a Saturday night and everyone in the house is sleeping, except me. The fact that we have only been awake for about 4-5 hours today should give you a good indication of how things on going on the "influenza" side of things.

We are all now taking Tamiflu. It seems to be helping quite a bit, as each day is getting better. And the health department hasn't put a quarantine sign on the outside of our house yet, although they may as well.

Abbie's finger IS officially broken. She has a finger splint thingy on it. When she started complaining about the pain, I told her the story of my friend Cindy whose son broke his arm last year and played hockey all season with it in a cast, hiding it under his gear so the referee didn't see it. He is only 10. I'm such a mean mom. Hey kid, suck it up.

We got a surprise package today from Julia in Germany. A zillion pieces of chocolate... and a few gifts for the girls birthdays. (Thanks Julia... and if you are reading this.... I MISS YOU !!! )

For the heck of it, I decided to take this photo of the only thing sustaining our family right now.....

Friday, March 07, 2008

pardon my progress!

Okay, so I'm not so savvy on the bloggy thing.

I'm redesigning.... so bear with me!

not for the faint at heart

I've been home for a couple of days doing sick duty with my 9 year old. She came home from school Tuesday night with a headache. I figured it was just a little thing.
By the wee hours of Wednesday morning, she had a fever. Not a fever to boast about, but enough to stay home from school. So, I did what any other mom who works at her husbands business would do. I took her to work with me!
By Wednesday night, the fever went up and up... and Thursday morning we were looking at a little over 103, despite my efforts of motrin and tylenol.
So, off to the doctor we went. I was secretly hoping for an ear infection or strep throat or something that would be curable with a little antibiotics. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was influenza.
When I called the school for the third day in a row, the secretary said "Oh didn't you get a flu shot?". Now in hindsight, I have to say that is a very good idea. I wonder if it's too late?
The doc was able to prescribe some ridiculously expensive medicine to make the symptoms lessen. So, we got home and got her all doped up. My 15 year old was home so I decided I'd try to get to Bible Study... since the ladies were sitting at the class with no leader by now.

All was going well. Until about 20 minutes into Bible Study. My 15 year old called my cell phone - usually I don't let anyone from home interrupt Beth Moore, but I had a feeling this one I'd better allow.

The phone call went something like this:
(gag) (cough) : MOM????!!
yeah. what's up?
(gag) (gag) (cough): Mom, Em threw up!
okay. Is she okay?
(gag) Mom, it's all over her. (gag) and I (gag) can't (cough) clean it up
okay, I'll be right there.

I dismissed myself and hurried to the car. The phone rang again.
(gag) Mom, I just threw up too!

It's just so fun being a mom on days like this! The second one wasn't sick from any virus... she just couldn't deal with her sister.

I'm just grateful that my husband wasn't home. Or I would have no doubt came home to three!
*edited: after posting this, we got a call from the school and our 15 yr old was doing something in p.e. and the teacher thinks she broke her finger. So, Shawn took her to the hospital to get an x-ray. Hey! No sense anyone working today right? woo hoo... good times! *

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I have made this recipe before and over the weekend we visited Lindsey, we went to the Olive Garden and had it again. It is so good! So, we are having it tonight.

Just Like Olive Garden's Zuppa Tuscana

1 1/2 cups spicy sausage
2 medium potatoes, cut in half lengthwise and cut into 1/4 inch slices
3/4 cup onions, diced
6 slices bacon
1 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic
2 cups kale leaves, cut in half, then sliced
2 tablespoons chicken base
1 quart water
1/3 cup heavy cream

Cook ground sausage, until done. Cook bacon and onion over medium heat, when bacon is crisp, take it out of the pan and leave the onion.
Add garlic to the onion, and cook 1 minute.
Add chicken base, water, and potatoes; simmer 15 minutes.
Crumble bacon.
Add crumbled bacon, sausage, kale and cream.
Simmer 4 minutes, then serve.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things I never get enough of

I don't know why but I am a list maker. I have a habit of just making lists in my head! It's sometimes so dang annoying. But, ALL MORNING, I have been calculating this list in my head and I have to get it out or I will continue thinking about it!!

Things I never get enough of:

1. sleep. never. ever. ever. But it doesn't matter. Because even if I'm still tired, I wake up and I have to get up.
2. time. I want to do EVERYTHING. I have a zillion interests and I want to do them ALL. But, even if I were retired, I wouldn't be able to because I only have 24 hours in a day. Why can't people like me just have 36 hours in a day???
3. money. I wanted to buy so many things this past weekend but my husband kept taunting me with that blasted question... is it in the budget?? I hate the "B" word.
4. chocolate. I have to stop myself because it's just a really bad thing to get more of. so, I never get enough.
5. coffee. okay. well, I added this to the list... but there are times when I get enough. probably too much. which might contribute to the reason I always have so many lists floating in my head and I don't get enough sleep.
6. God. really, really, really. there are times I wish I could be transported into heaven and just be so full of God that all the other things are washed out completely. I can't describe this feeling in words. you have to feel that way in order to understand.
7. my girls. when they get along. cuz I do get enough of them when they don't. that's actually too much. but, when it's good, I want it to never end. with all of them.
8. my man. I don't mean that in the way you're thinking so stop it right now! The longer we are married, I honestly think there is absolutely NO couple in this world as much in love as we are.
9. laughter. I want to laugh about even the things that people don't find funny. Most days I find something to laugh about. I have to.
10. jolly rancher jelly beans. okay I admit. I added this one only because I didn't want to end on 9 and I happen to have some on my desk that I have been eating all morning. and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to stop myself before I have had enough.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy 19th Birthday Lindsey

Your last year as a teenager!

Just 6 years ago, you turned 13. I could hardly believe then you were a teenager. The last 6 years have gone so fast. You went from not wearing makeup 6 years ago to using some of my makeup 5 years ago, to now me wanting YOUR makeup. I can't believe how many lipglosses you have! You really should share...

This year has been an exceptional year for you Lindsey. I am completely amazed at how God has grabbed a hold of you and transformed your life. I am in awe at how you love Him recklessly and care for people.... all people.... God's people.

As we drove home last night after visiting you, I wanted to remember every little detail of your birth and your life. I wanted to recall how you were born and raised ... and how God worked in you in little ways to make you who you are today. I wanted to see the future, and get a glimpse of what God has for you later. It is times like this when I am excited for your future. I live in expectancy - anticipating the magnificent things that God will show you and do with you.

I love you Lindsey. You are beautiful. I love you, and God is especially fond of you.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

the Shack

We are visiting our daughter for her birthday this weekend. I took the opportunity during the 4 hour car ride to finish this book I've been reading out loud to Shawn for a few weeks.
Before I say another word, let me say this: this book is a novel. It is certainly not intended to be a great theologically correct inductive study on anything. If you decide to read this book, realize that.
The main character of the book is Mack. And Mack is led to The Shack after a horrible tragedy in his life to have an encounter with God. God, who desperately loves Mack, shows His love in an incredible way, big and full.
Three things continue to stand out to me after reading this book.
1. My preconcieved idea of what the Lord looks like. I have one.
2. God's bountiful Love for ALL His Creation. It is HUGE.
and 3. The incredible power of reconciliation.