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I started a new job about a month ago. I really like it. Mostly because I love the people I work with. I find myself wondering sometimes if I would like the job if it weren't for my co-workers. I might. But isn't it funny how working with people you LOVE makes anything seem better? I could do some horrible horrible things... as long as it was with great people.

Anyway, part of my job is hiring "temps" from a temp agency to complete a project we have going on. I call them all "Ryan" from the beginning until I learn their name. Not out loud. Just in my head. (If you have seen the Office, you understand that... if not, I'm not going to explain. sorry.)

Temps are a funny breed actually. They have some advantages over permanent employees.
For one, they won't be around to clean up their messes.
I also often wonder if they try on new and different personalities at each new job site.
They only really get involved in "temp" issues.

In the pa…

Second post of the month

Aren't you impressed? I am actually managing to post two times in one month.

My last post was about the random thoughts that I think when I think. (yes, that sentence does too make sense! Reread it.)

I read that last post and the comments and decided to talk some more about my dreams when I am awake. I know... some people call them daydreams. But, I think they are night dreams because I usually do it at night... to make myself fall asleep. My version of counting sheep.

I'm really not a very imaginative person. I think I have to really be focused to dream up stories to tell.... that's why dreaming up things when I'm trying to go to sleep is the perfect time for me. I can be fully focused on the day dream at night. Plus, I have this theory that if I start a scenario while I am awake... I am thinking about it when I fall asleep... and I can continue the fun journey into my real sleep... and hence, control my own dreams. ;) No, I'm not a control freak.

Some of the …


Considering the fact that I haven't posted on this blog since the middle of October, I realize this may very well be the only post I write in November. So, I feel like it should be super meaningful and utterly profound.

However, that is rarely the case with me lately. I can think of nothing profound and nothing meaningful. Oh, yes, I heard a great sermon, I've had some fantastic discussions, I've listened to some amazing podcasts lately. But, when I stop... and breathe... and actually THINK. It's usually about the following things... don't judge me.

1. The last time I got my hair colored, I couldn't even tell. I'm wondering how bold a 41 year old can go without looking foolish....
2. To get to sleep at night, I often make up "dreams" in my mind. Sometimes it's how I would spend a million dollars in the lottery.... lately, I've been taking trips to France and then riding the train around to all the beautiful places in Europe that I'…