Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I always seem to get a little carried away when I pluck my eyebrows. I did it again tonight. I don't know why I don't just stop, but there is something strangely addicting to plucking your eyebrows.

After I completely harvested my impoverished eyebrows, I decided to read up on it. great timing I know. But, I found this little ditty. It's actually worth reading if you are an over-enthusiastic plucker like me!

If you're NOT -- and you prefer the natural look, your photo might show up here.

I'm serious

I found this on acronym attic.

the acronym BLOG means "Belonging to the LORD our God".

one year ago

One year ago today, we were doing this.
Things have changed a lot in one year for sure.
And then some things have stayed the same.

I'm still dreaming about buying furniture.
We're still packed.
Emily still shares a room with Abbie.
But she doesn't like it anymore. Because, they still fight.

One year ago I was actually faithful to blog everyday. Now, I just do it every other day or two or three...

We will be painting in the new house this weekend. If you aren't doing anything come on over. We don't have a lot to paint. Just a couple bedrooms. The rest was too big of a job so we hired someone to do it. They are working this week and we will do our part on the weekend. After that, we are hoping to get some flooring in there and some trim and cabinets and move one of these days...

By reading this you might think it has taken a year to get our house done. My poor husband would not like anyone thinking that. It has actually only been since the end of May. 4 months so far.

Although I am not looking forward to the move, I am looking forward to having my belongings unpacked. I actually have done well this year in this little house. I have settled in and enjoyed life and pretended like we weren't in a state of transition.

But, the last few weeks have not been so. It's fall - my favorite time of year. I want to get out my fall decorations and eat chili and drink hot cocoa on the deck on a cool crisp fall night. I'm dreaming of bonfires and marshmallow roasts. Of going to the apple orchard and picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin farm to put on my front step. Of early morning fireside coffee and the smell of cinnamon bread.

But, that will come. In time. Until then, I can dream .... and hope the mice in the storage unit haven't eaten all my decorations. :)

Enjoy autumn!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Deliver me O Jesus

I shared this with my Bible Study group last week. I'm still praying it. I think I should probably do it every day for the rest of my life.

Deliver me O Jesus from the desire of being esteemed.
Deliver me, O Jesus from the desire of being
Deliver me, O Jesus from the desire of being extolled, honored, praised.

Deliver me O Jesus from the desire of being preferred to others
Deliver me O Jesus from the desire of being consulted and approved
Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being
Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being despised, and of suffering rebuke
Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being slandered, of being forgotten, or being ridiculed.
Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being wronged and suspected.

That others may be loved more than I
That others may be esteemed more than I
That, in the opinion of the world, others may increase and I may decrease,

That others may be chosen and I set aside
That others may be praised and I go unnoticed
That others may be preferred to me in everything
That others may become holier than I, provided that I may become as holy as I should,

Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I read this blog today and had to listen to the music over and over and over again. I guess it's just one of those weeks of prayer. I listened and dreamed and prayed and thought over and over wondering WHO it was that kept praying for me during my teenage years - was it a teacher? a relative? a neighbor? a stranger? I wish I could thank them for their prayers. I wish I could thank them for believing in a God who loves me. Who cares about me. Cares enough to remind someone to pray for me.

And I thought of all the people that I have prayed for this week. God has brought so many people to my path, to my heart, to my mind, to my remembrance. The woman who has been separated from her huband, the one who hasn't spoken to her sisters in years, the one who has been abused by a loved one, the one who has bipolar disorder, the one who is complacent in her faith, the one who misses her child, the one who has come out of the hurftul relationship, the one who is lonely, the one who is lost. Truthfully, I have wept for so many hurting women this week. Not that I am holier than anyone else... God has just led me to a place this week where I (for once) have had the rare experience of taking my eyes off of myself and truly seen how incredibly valuable you all are to God. You matter to him. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You matter to God. You do. You matter.

Believe it because it is true.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

random thoughts

Every now and then I just have to blab my random thoughts. They might not make any sense, but this is how my brain works...

I poured my coffee into a carafe this morning when I left for work, and didn't drink it all. That is what is getting me through the day today because I am looking forward to drinking it when I get home.

I was so thankful this morning for feet. It was awesome to me that God thought of making feet. That He realized how much we really needed feet.

This week in INSTE we had to make a list of all the sins listed in the Bible. It was shocking to realize how wretched I really am.

I have been humming Go-Go's songs all day.. You know, Go Go music really makes us dance, do watusi just give us a chance that's when we fall in line, cuz we got the beat, we got the beat we got the beat.... and I wonder to myself. Besides CHRIS, is there ANYONE in the world that knows all the words to the Beauty and the Beat album??? Give me a shout out will ya?

What does it mean when your seven year old daughter is playing Barbies and 10 of the Barbies are in jail because they were bad people and killing other kids???? Do I need to seek therapy for her?

And lastly, dreaming about this.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday 13

13 Things I waste my TIME doing

(Okay, so I don’t have the official Thursday Thirteen Code, cuz I’m too lazy to figure out how to do it! If you want it, and you’re not lazy, go here)

1. It’s a four-letter word at times when I should be doing other things- BLOG
2. Watching LOST (Now I could argue that this isn’t a waste of time, and that it’s actually entertaining and therefore, therapeutic)
3. Eating sunflower seeds – it’s such an addicting thing to eat.
4. Reading Cookbooks – I know it’s a weird thing to read. But, we haven’t eaten the same meal in a month and a half because of my “reading”.
5. Making LISTS – It doesn’t matter what about, I just find myself constantly making lists. It just “feels” like I get more done if I write it down.
6. Thinking up 13 Things! Maybe it isn’t the blogging that wastes my time, it’s trying to think of something to say.
7. Google – need I say more?
8. Daydreaming – most of the time I daydream about my lists!
9. Cleaning my house – I sometimes wonder if mothers with toddlers have a cleaner house than mothers with teenagers.
10. TAXI
11. PLANNING – you should see our busy calendar
12. Picking up Spy Gear – My 7 year old has an over-active imagination. Seriously, the stuff is everywhere.
13. Going to Wal-Mart. I am NOT JOKING people. We have gone to Wal-Mart everyday for the past two weeks it seems. You would think with all those lists, I’d have a complete one and with all that Planning we could narrow it down to one trip. But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Today, my calendar reads:

It can turn a LUMP of COAL into a Flawless Diamond,
Or an AVERAGE person into a Perfect Basketcase.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I too remember

I went to the "World Trade Center" movie at the theatre yesterday afternoon with my husband and daughter. Two minutes into the movie I began to cry. I didn't stop. seriously. The magnitude of the collateral damage caused on that day five years ago continues to echo through the hearts of all Americans.

Many bloggers today are remembering and posting tributes to those who died. I join them in saluting all the Americans who died at the World Trade Center, as well as those who continue even today to fight for the freedom we have in America. I don't take lightly the sacrifices many American men and women have made on my behalf, and for my family.

I also salute those firefighters, police, public servants, who do their jobs everyday for us in America. The people that put their lives on the line because they value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

God Bless them all.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Evangelistic Dialogue between 7 year olds

I know that she has a great friend. My heart is heavy for the day they realize that their religious beliefs and backgrounds may have a severely profound effect on their friendship. I adore the beauty of their innocence and cringe at the thought of the world smacking them in the face one day.

T: Can you have a sleepover on Friday night?
E: No, we already have plans.
T: What plans?
E: I don’t know. How about Saturday?
T: I can’t. We have church right away in the morning.
E: So! You can go to second service.
T: what?
E: Second service.
T: Sacrament service?
E: second service.
T: sacrament service??
Mom: Maybe they don’t have two services at their church.
E: Do you have two services at your church?
T: (to her mom) Mom, do we have services at our church?
Mom: Yes.
T: yes, we have services at our church.
E: so you can go to second service.
T: sacrament service?
T: (to mom) Mom, what do we call service?
Mom: We call it sacrament service.
T: We have sacrament service.
E: My mom says we can’t play today because I have to clean my room, but you can come to church with me!
T: I already said I can’t.
E: No, not Sunday. TonighT!
T: What time?
E: We can pick you up.
T: (to Mom) Mom, can I go to church with her?
Mom: - parents like their kids to go to their own churches on Sundays
T: My mom said no.
E: NOT Sunday. Today! Tonight.
T: I have to clean my room too.
E: okay, you clean your room. You call me back when you’re finished and we can pick you up.
T: I’ll call you when I’m done.
E: No, wait. We’ll just pick you up. You don’t have to call.
T: Okay.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

they all look the same

All of our company trucks look the same. Seriously. the same. they do. I'm not kidding.

Okay, so yesterday, I went with Shera and Shawn in his truck to a jobsite. We were looking at the house, and we met another guy that works for us there. We kicked around looking at the house for a while, and then we decided we'd better get back to the office.

So, Shera and I jumped into the truck and waited for Shawn to get it while we were chatting away about colors and decorating, and exteriors of houses, etc... at one point, I remember thinking "I wish she would move over, she's taking up all the room".

The other guy opens the truck door and says "Are you girls going with me today?"

I thought "why? are you taking shawn's truck somewhere". For a brief second, I tried to remember if my husband had said he needed to trade vehicles with someone today for some reason... and then shera said "oh my gosh! We got in the wrong truck!".

When I looked around, I realized the inside was a lot different! But, I didn't realize it until AFTER the fact. Good grief. How long would we have sat there if he hadn't come back and said something?

Yeah, Shawn waited in his truck for us... and he had a lot of fun doing it. Waiting... and wondering when we would realize what we were doing.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Miles Per Dollar

Frugality anyone?

With the price of gas lately, check out this nifty website that calculates how many miles you can drive in your car per dollar.

Miles Per Dollar