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Monday Meme 38

Monday Meme 38
1. From where you are sitting right now, list an object that is one of each of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black.
RED: The scotch tape dispenser.ORANGE: The cover on my "Pathway to Purpose" book.YELLOW: The post it note stuck to the desk.GREEN: The garbage canBLUE: Pencil SharpenerPURPLE: Lisa Frank fake lipstick lidWHITE: paperBLACK: Boston computer speakers
2. What color do you wear most often? Why?
black - because I have the most of it.
3. What color are your eyes? What color do you wish they were?
blue.I wish they were green.
4. What color is your desktop image?
multi color - it's a photo of a distorted sprite can. I'm not sure why.
5. What colors are you walls and floor?
Walls: GreenFloor: tan
I was the 1,326st person to take this week's Monday Meme!

Amy's top 41 list

Because Amy is so fun, I told her I’d take a stab at posting some of her info about me on my blog… so, I’m taking a break at my poetry tribute to Iridium’s lack of attention to my prize…. Although, it should be dually noted that I am NOT forgetting that I have been highly neglected with this prize, and it better be a GOOD PRIZE, or I will have to take matters to the Prize Police Patrol…. Whoever they may be…

So, on to Amy’s thoughts… she’s a really cool chick.  ( I am not as interesting as you are about to find out… If you want to see where this list started, visit her’s first and you will see.

1. I took a karate lesson once when I was in junior high, and I never went back (that is a wicked hard workout!)2. I am a religious mix-breed.  My dad was Catholic, my mom was Lutheran, but neither went to church, neither did I.  When I was really young, I was one of the “unchurched kids” at a couple churches, brought by a neighbor kid.3. I lived in 5 different states, and over 20 cities growing…

The Prize

When I woke up this morning, a duck was on my head.
I asked “What are you doing there?”
It looked at me and said:

I am the duck of Bliggity
I’ve come to discuss your prize
And so I thought I would sit here
Until you open your eyes

I have come with a mission to say what
Bliggity Blaggity Blog has said
The only way I can tell you
Is if I am perched upon your head

“Tell me Tell me
Oh Bliggity’s Duck
What have you brought me?
Oh Duck of Good Luck?”

Your prize will come soon
Please do not worry
It’s just that Bliggity
Is in no hurry

But do not fret
And do not frown
For this prize will turn
Your world upside down!

“It better be good
It better be grand
It ought to be super
And definitely not bland

For the wait is long
And I can see
That prize will be AMAZING
From Bliggity”

I won?????

I’m feeling a little rejected.
I feel a bit grim.
I hoped to get a great super prize.
After the contest I did win.

However, it seems
It seems to be
That I’m being ignored
By Bliggity.

A contest – a contest
An e-wager he announced
When my money comes in
The winner is pronounced.

I thought and I thought
And I thought some more
I took a guess
I’m no bore.

And sure enough
It was with cheer
He announced the date
The winner was clear

I won I won!
Could it be?
For two contests I’ve won
At Bliggity!

Oh nobody knows
My delight was extreme
My prize – is it a song, a steak
Could it be ICE CREAM?

And then, my days
Turned into nights
Into weeks
It sure bites

I have no prize
I have no reward
I have no steak
I haven’t even a sword.

My sadness now
Consumes my blog
That bliggity
What a prize hog.

Lost and Found

I’m not losing my mind any longer.

For a while, I thought I was.  I had lost my Bible and couldn’t find it anywhere.  The last I remember seeing it was at Breakaway in Missouri.  I asked everyone I could think of, but nobody had seen it.

Yesterday, I lost my cell phone.  I had come home from work, and I thought for sure I had it, but when I needed it, it wasn’t there.  Checked my purse, coat pockets, looked at work again… no cell phone.

Then, I lost my keys.  I had to use the spare keys to start the car, and I couldn’t go to work or come back home, because the keys to work and home were lost.

So, here I was – no Bible, no cell phone, no keys, no home, no job.  Seems pretty hopeless huh?
I was convinced my Bible, my cell phone, and my keys were off having a party somewhere… and I obviously wasn’t invited.

I helplessly went to Bible Study with no Bible.  I was given a Bible verse on a sticky note to read out loud, and I had to pass it on to someone else.

I trudged through life with all the thi…

valentine plunder

Okay, so I definitely have been busy lately.
Tonight, February 21, I officially finally sorted thru the Valentine candy from Em’s school party. It was a week ago.  

Normally, that would be the first thing we do when she comes home… you know, to kind of “snatch” the stuff she doesn’t like.  Okay okay.. I admit, even the ones she does like.

My plunder: bite size snickers, half a bag of m&ms, fun size 3 musketeers, and a laffy taffy.

What WILL I do when all the kids are out of school?????

wedding etiquette

Although I know I have broken many of my own rules, I try not to.

One of my favorite hobbies is to learn and remember proper etiquette in life.  

Why you ask?  Mostly because nobody does it!  So, I’m unique that way… but also because my least favorite people in the world are rude ones.  Even if you’re mean to me, please do it politely! (

I have 7 – yes, count them, SEVEN – weddings this year.  The first one is this weekend, the last one is yet to be scheduled. I have one this weekend, one in March, one in April, one in May, two in August, and one to be determined…

So, in honor of all the weddings, and because it’s fun, I’m going to share some interesting wedding guest rules of etiquette.  Some you already might know, some you don’t, some everyone does, and some nobody does…  yes, people, there is a proper way to be a guest.

RSVP immediately! – I already broke this rule since I didn’t RSVP to one wedding in a timely fashion. Oops!  If there is no RSVP card included in the invitation, as wa…

Breakaway 2006

The last time I went to a Youth Breakaway was (I believe) in 1998. Eight years ago. Nearly a decade.

In nearly a decade, a few things have changed.

Teenagers have a lot of cell phones. I bet 80% of the students at Breakaway had a cell phone this year.

Hip Hop and Rap is cool. It’s not just Kirk Franklin anymore. Rap in the 90’s was Stomp! (GP Are you with me? Oh yeah, we havin church ain’t goin nowhere).

The bus is sweet. In 1998, we traveled to Breakaway in a couple of 15 passenger vans, falling asleep on the road home, risking the lives of all the kids in the van (thank God for His protection). In 2006, the charter bus driver delivered us safely home as we slept.

And yet, in nearly a decade, some things have remained the same.

Teenagers still deal with deep issues. Broken hearts, drugs, anger, broken families, sex, distractions, feelings of worthlessness, self esteem. Those are a few things I know of that God began a healing work in the lives of teenagers this weekend.

Teenagers …


It was cold out that morning.
No snow yet, but the weather man was predicting it soon.
My back started aching around midnight.
I hadn’t ever experienced a backache quite like it.
It slowly grew and began to spread to my sides and front.
By the time I realized it was labor, my contractions had already become quite regular.

I remember the ride to the hospital.
It was around 2:30am.
I remember how your dad stopped at that four way stop by McDonalds.
There weren’t any cars around… it was the middle of the night in a small town.
I chuckled that he was a “good citizen”.
He was so nervous and excited and scared, all wrapped up in one.

I don’t remember much pain.
It all seemed to go so fast.
No drugs.
No IV.
The fad then was to walk out of the delivery room.
I cringe at that thought now.

We stayed in the hospital for two days.
We took you home on Valentine’s Day.
You wore a red dress home.
We were so young.
We were so insecure.

I remember your face.
You were so beautiful.
So perfect.

Nineteen years ago.
I was ninetee…

the Travelling Birthday Party

Yesterday was so fun.
Haleigh’s bday is Sunday the 12th.
Wait a minute… you have to know that for the past 18 years, birthdays have been a big big big big deal at our home.  Birthdays are YOUR Day.  And we, for some stupid reason, have fostered this with our kids for the past 18 years.

Okay, so her birthday is Sunday and she’s been soooooooooooo sad because we aren’t going to get to spend it with her.  She has a 3pm concert and we have the Valentine Banquet at church.  It just won’t happen.

The “Singers” are on tour all over the Midwest right now, started Wednesday.  So, she’s been super busy with that.  The tour ends with the 3pm concert on Sunday.  She was disappointed we couldn’t make it to her concert on Sunday.

Did I mention she was upset we weren’t going to spend any of her concert OR her birthday with her??

We’ve fostered this birthday ordeal for the past 18 years…w h y?  Well, because we love them!!!!!

So, I decided we just can’t stop now…. The birthdays must go on…

I emailed her dir…

since we're talking about 6th grade....

Bill has been sharing his musical loves, Nate has taken us to the land down under, and Ang and Shera have both admitted their obscure musical likes... and since I'm talkin about 6th grade, I thought I'd share with you one of my all-time favorite bands.

Oh yes, you might remember them. OR.... maybe not. I actually think they made more than one album, but none except this one made sense... and, uh, well, this one didn't even really make sense.The bands lead singer, Belinda Carlisle, actually did do some songs on her own that were more popular. But, I, of course, still only like this album. It has the best songs on it! And the best part is... I know all the words to nearly every song on this album... yes even the not-so-famous "skidmarks on my heart". (which my girlfriend and I made up alternate words to and entitled it "squidmeat in my teeth"... I think I remember the alternate words more than the real ones)Now I realize that most of the songs on thi…

the top 20

When I was in 6th Grade, my teacher, Mr. Howard, used to give out "computer cards" every morning if we could guess the top 20 Nielson Rating TV Shows. Computer cards were sought after by every 6th Grader at Irving because at the end of the year, there was a huge auction and you could buy the coolest stuff. I don't even know what they used these cards for!
I rarely won. I was terrible at this game. Some kids would study the Nielson's just so they could get the cards and buy the big stuff at the end of the year. I usually gave mine away, or used them to buy candy.

Anyway, here are the top 20 of the year from when I was in 6th grade!

01. 60 Minutes (Sixty Minutes)
02. Three's Company
03. That's Incredible!
04. M*A*S*H
05. Alice
06. Dallas
07. Flo
08. The Jeffersons
09. Dukes of Hazzard, The
10. One Day at a Time
11. WKRP in Cincinnati
12. Goodtime Girls
13. Archie Bunker's Place
14. Taxi
15. Eight is Enough
16. Little House On the Praire
17. House Calls
18. Real People

Super Bowl Super Dabby Birthday Super Party

Today is Shawn's birthday! We celebrated yesterday by giving him this. Yeah, I know. Quite a gift.
We've been married for 18 years, and never had a new one.
The one we were sleeping on was bought at least 10 years ago at a Hotel Garage Sale! YiKES! (I try not to think about it)

So, it was time...
I got up early and went with my dad to go get the present at the furniture store. We dumped it on the highway, and had to take an alternate route home at 35 mph. It took forever! Then, I took him out in the afternoon while the mattress was moved into the house. (thanks girls! you are burley!)
When we got home, the girls had a party all set up and the room was ready... mood music, a bottle of water, and a bunch of candles.....

We also gave him this.. but it turned into more like a three hour one... :)
I don't want to spoil all the gifts, I'll let him blog about his favorite 3000 gifts later!

I told him that since his birthday is on super bowl, he can just think of it as a whole bunc…

oh these girls

I thought I'd share something with my blog friends that you can only understand if you have girls.... LIPSTICK!!!!

These are a couple of creative photos of our lipsticks... it's only a partial example though, since Haleigh is off at college, her's are not included here. I hope she reads my blog, then maybe she'll post her photo to complete the collection.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE LIPSTICK???

thumbs up for girls!


life with girls...

I was thinking today that I have a unique perspective on life that many people don't have. I have four girls.
No boys.

The man of the house is the only male around. I am sure that, at times, he feels outnumbered. But, for the most part, I don't think having all girls really seems to cause too much trouble for him. After all, he doesn't really know any different....

I decided I'm going to spend some time involving my "blog family" in our life with Girls. Just so you know what it's like. Then, since we don't really know any different, you can tell me if it's different than "bi-sexual" families. (hm... I'm not sure if that's the word I should use there?)

This morning for instance.... I would guess that most families share a morning routine with their small children. Unfortunately, that isn't the case in my house. You see, dad is completely inept at picking out outfits. His choices are reserved for "special" days at school.…