Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Have I mentioned that I’m going to be a Gramma?  Have I mentioned that they have chosen a name but aren’t sharing it until after she is born?  Have I mentioned that it doesn’t matter because we (Grandma and Grandpa) have already named her what we will call her. In Shawn’s words, “You guys can call whatever you want.  It’s just the legal name anyway”.   We call her LuLu.

This little LuLu is going to be one very special, smart, beautiful, amazing, talented young baby.  Of course.

I started something that I’ve been dying to talk about.  It’s a Grandma’s journal for Lulu.  I want to give it to her someday…. I don’t know when… when she gets married? When she graduates? When she’s 6? When I die? I can’t decide that part.  But, it’s a bunch of letters I’m writing to her in journal format…. things that are cool… things… well, grandma-ish things.  Things that grandma’s know.  Because you know, there are things that grandma’s know that other kinds of people don’t know.  It’s not just how to knit and quilt and things like that… because I don’t know anything like that.  It’s things like why you should be nice to EVERYONE… and why you shouldn’t spit your gum on the ground…and the importance of praying for your children and grandchildren, and the importance of holding your tongue when it’s really hard.  The importance of having really really really good friends, even when you’re old, and the importance of believing something is possible even when it looks like it isn’t. 

I can’t wait to tell my Granddaughter to love God no matter what.  I can’t wait to tell her about the times I talk to God and He says things like: “I have a plan and I will fulfill my plan”.  And other times, I can’t hear Him say anything at all, but I still always know He is listening.

Becoming a Grandma is one of the most joyful emotional incredible experiences in life.  Just imagining hearing the breath of our sweet grandbaby LuLu as she sleeps, and knowing that even now…even now… God is forming her, and planning for her… that God has a plan beyond the next generation of our family… that He has a plan, and He will fulfill it.

And oh…did I mention that Lindsey is 36 weeks pregnant…. 4 cm dilated… and 80% effaced? Right now.  That soon … very very soon… our family will be added onto by one very beautiful smart amazing grandbaby….that we call LuLu.

I think I might just die right now.



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what you think it is.  It is a disgusting, sticky, pull apart, fly catcher.  It’s current location is directly above the Dishwater kitchen sink. 

I am not sure why, but the Dishwater household has been infested with flies, and well, desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Summer brings with it doors opening and closing constantly. Summer ushers in the season of bugs and flying creatures.  These things, brothers and sisters, ought not to be so. 

So, tonight, as I sat at the table wondering if I should have a family we met from church over for dinner some night, I thought… “I wonder if I should take down my sticky fly trap before I have them over.  Would that gross them out?”

And then immediately I shook my head.  Because if I have to ask myself that question, then I surely have gone the wrong direction.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camp Alohny

I can’t remember how to spell it…. but when I was a kid, I went to day camp in California when I was staying with my dad for the summer.  There was a son about it… “We welcome you to Camp Alohny we’re mighty glad you’re here…. we’ll sing you in we’ll sing you out and we will give a might shout! Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here and we welcome you to Alohny!”

I can’t believe I can remember it.  My brothers and sister went too.  I just remember because they were older than me, and too cool for camp. So, they made up their own version of the song: “Camp Alohny, it’s a bunch of bologna. I don’t care what you say, I hate it every day.”  It was quite perfect since Alohny rhymed with bologna. I liked it at camp, but I never told them because they would have made fun of me. ha!

Emily is at camp this week.  I suspect her adventure and fun at camp is much different than mine.  She is overnight for a whole week.  With a bunch of friends, some old some new, some soon to become friends.  My older girls went to camp when they were younger too, and had fantastic experiences.

It’s quiet around the house this week though with no eleven year old to entertain.  And the house is staying a bit more picked up without notebooks and toys and games strewn all over the place.

Emily… we miss you.  Have fun at camp!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Snow Cones

One of my favoritist things about summer….


shared with one of my favoritist gals….


Sunday, June 13, 2010

a bumper crop

There is good news, and then there is bad news.  The good news is that I have a bumper crop in my garden!

The bad news is that the bumper crop is weeds.

We’ve had a very rainy busy spring.  Busy means we haven’t had time to weed.  Rainy means the weeds grow and grow and grow.


No pictures of my garden this time around ladies and gentlemen.  It’s bad.  Real bad.  I’m so ashamed.

We have been picking spinach until the cows cOurome home.  But, unfortunately…. two entire rows have started to go to seed.  Waaah.

The tomatoes are growing… and I haven’t had time to put the cages on them.  I think I will regret that when the sun starts to shine again.

The city is officially OUT of the free compost we devoured last year.  Which means, our potatoes are suffering immensely.  Our brilliant plan is usually to NOT bury them deep and continue to compost and pile it on all summer long.  It works beautifully when we have free compost we can consume by the truckload.  Now….?  Not sure what we’ll do.

We tried to weed today…while it was sprinkling, as is the case every day.  However, we can only get so far until our shoes and hoes are embedded with mud.

AND… to top it all off…. we made our garden bigger this year.  However, all the rain has prevented us from planting the pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, herbs…. so much of the garden is void of vegetables…. more room for the weed monster to consume.

Sometimes, gardening can be frustrating… but it still is enjoyable.