Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hunger Games

Tonight I'm going to the release of the Hunger Games - Catching Fire with my 14 year old.  It's released tomorrow.  Only the movie is 10pm tonight.  I know. I don't get it either.  But, I'm just stopping by to say that I'm thankful that it's 10pm and not midnight.  I'm old and it's Thursday night. Enough said.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Some days just go that way.

Our grandkids live with us.  They are age 3 and age 1.
Okay wait...their parents live here too...but they just aren't as important. :)

Most mornings, I love to hear the pitter patter of little feet as they wake up and begin their day.  Some mornings, the pitter patter of feet is replaced by other sounds.

Today, it was screams.  Tilly screams.
I know.  It seems almost impossible that this sweet innocent little one would be able to exert a extra large size tantrum.  But, believe me.  It can be done.

And not only was that early this morning...that was also late this morning...and early afternoon and late afternoon as well.

If she were older, I'd explain to her that yes..some days just go that way.  Some days nothing seems to go right and everything is an excuse to break down in an emotional fit.  Some days... you just want to throw a tantrum.  So, do it now.  You don't need a reason.  We will still love you when your fit subsides.

That's just the way it goes some days.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Where I am in life and blogging.

Sometimes I have narcissistic dreams that my blog will be some sort of memory for my children and grandchildren when I am gone.  And I panic.  Because what kind of story am I telling them with my silence?  I've dumbed down my stories to facebook status updates and instagram photos...and even then, I'm not doing so well.

So, here I am.  Back at the Dull As Dishwater site.  Maybe I'll try to put a reminder in my phone to update my blog more often.  Maybe I'll write myself a big sticky note on my computer to blog before I do anything else.  Or.  Maybe I'll do this one post and then a year and a half from now I'll do another.

Truth is... blogging has evolved to some crazy thing I don't know that I've kept up with.  I used to read my blogs at bloglines.  But, I can't remember my password.   So, all the blogs I used to read... I have no idea if they still blog because I can't find them or remember them.  So, today, I started a new account with newsblur....AND a new account with The Old Reader.  I couldn't' decide which one I liked better... so now I have two... which, I know... is totally dumb.

Besides.... now I'm Just. So. Darn. Busy.  My goal is to work 30 hours a week...but that's rare.  Last week it was 48.5... the week before it was 44....the week before that was 33 (score! sort of).  I'm struggling at finding a healthy work-life balance that will allow me adequate free time to chill and do things like record my life stories in this blog.

Alright.  So, what does life look like for me right now?  I'm living the dream.  Work - I own my own business doing bookkeeping, marketing, event planning, and procedures for small businesses.  98% of my time is spent on bookkeeping... and the other 2% is the other stuff.  I really really really enjoy my work.  There are days that bring challenges.  But, I love it overall.  And I see lots of potential for future growth for me... I just haven't figured out how to duplicate myself so I don't have to work crazy hours.

Kids - oldest daughter - lovely Haleigh is living on her own in her own apartment in a job she enjoys and is getting to know a special guy that seems to have captured her heart.  Second one - Lindsey and hubby Joe with grandbabies Eily and Tilly - live here with us right now.  They are a ton of fun and I have had a blast with them around.  Today, as a matter of fact right now, Eily (age 3) is painting Grampa's toenails. She was looking for someone willing to allow her to paint their nails and he was ready and waiting!  Abbie - sweet compassionate loving Abbie - is living at home and going to school to be a nurse.  This is perfect for her and right up her alley.  Her compassion abounds and she will be a fantastic nurse someday!  Emily - Little Red M... is in 9th grade, still dancing and still red. ;)  She's a lot of fun and she's having a great time being a high schooler!

Hubby and me just recently celebrated 25 years of marriage this year.  Who knew we could make a quarter of a century together?  We are still in love and still in like.  That's quite an accomplishment!

There you have it friends, an update on life in blog format.