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a memo to all staff

(re-circulated without permission)

Dear Employees of our company -

As of November 5, 2008, when President Obama is officially elected into office, our company will install a few new policies, which are in keeping with his new, inspiring issues of change and fairness:

1. All salespeople will be pooling their sales and bonuses into a common pool that will be divided equally between all of you. This will serve to give those of you who are underachieving a "fair shake."

2. All low level workers will be pooling their wages, including overtime, into a common pool, dividing it equally amongst yourselves. This will help those who are "too busy for overtime" to reap the rewards from those who have more spare time and can work extra hours.

3. All top management will now be referred to as "the government." We will not participate in this "pooling" experience because the law doesn't apply to us.

4.The "government" will give eloquent speeches to …

Hurricane Ike

My daughter Lindsey is in Bridge City, Texas this week.
Hurricane Ike hit there hard.
It left many families devastated.

The text message I got from her today said:
"This is so cool, Mom. I can't wait to tell you all about it. It is so much fun!"

She's referring to a project they are doing... Extreme Home Makeover Style.
Rebuilding two homes completely. All the way. Decorations and all.
To be a blessing.
For God.

God is showing her so much about His love for people.
He is expanding her understanding of who He is.

I'm proud of Lindsey.


I love Autumn
We turned on our furnace yesterday.
We try to be the last one we know to turn it on... showing all our friends and families how tough we are. As if heating your entire house with a gas fireplace every morning and evening is the logo for being tough.
I love the colors of autumn.
I love the baptism of soup into our diet.
I love that we have no trees in our yard to rake so we have to go to my brother's house to see them.

Today, I'm thinking of Melanie and wondering what reminds her of her brother Craig in the autumn. She loved him and he's in heaven now. But, I know there are lots of things that cause her heart to ache when she thinks of him.

Who in your life is missing a family member in the fall?
Have you prayed for them today?
Call them - email them - let them know that you are thinking about their grief.
And don't be afraid. To cry with them.


I'm proud of my nephew. He's smart.
He is growing up quickly.
He is learning to trust Jesus.
I love him.
I prayed for him today.

Do you pray for your extended family members?




Just to show you that I really know how to raise a multi-tasker....

Yes, that would be her riding her bike and playing the DS. The stylus is in her mouth... and just so you know that I'm not that irresponsible...I told her to stop doing it just after I snapped the picture.

This would be a tv - earphones in it (I was in the kitchen and didn't want to hear the Fox and the Hound AGAIN) - and a little knitting project.

And...she knows how to have fun while cheering.

3 things

Three things that I love. Yes, these three are delicious.

1. a brisk fall morning

2. a steamy hot cup of coffee

3. waking up at 4am and realizing there are 3 more hours to sleep


We went to visit our daughter this weekend.  On Sunday, the pastor talked about how we are called to be "different".  He made a pretty good statement that often times, we come to Christ and the only thing that separates us from the unsaved is our church attendance.  Then, posed a question that I've been chewing on for days now...Removing church attendance from the equation entirely in your life, how is your life different than the unsaved?Technorati Tags: ,,,

Costa Rica or Rome?

Emily is doing a project at school - it's a "travel brochure" and she is the travel agent. She was trying to decide whether to do Costa Rica or Rome. I really wanted her to do Rome, because of all the places in the world, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy.

So, here is the conversation that occurred yesterday on this matter:

Me: Did you decide what your travel destination is going to be?

Emily: Yep! I'm doing Costa Rica!

Me: Oh yeah? What made you decide Costa Rica rather than a romatic interesting place like Rome? (what? I was not saying it like that!)

Emily: Well, I decided that I would do Costa Rica cuz dad said we have a friend or a relative or something there.

Me: Really? Dad said we have a relative or friend in Costa Rica? I didn't know that... I don't know any relative in Costa Rica.

Emily: Dad said we do. He knows someone there.

My brain regressed to a conversation I semi-heard the other day between them on this subject.

Me: Did Dad say who this person was?