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I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately... it started with a small, teensy tiny scratchy throat... and exploded in a couple of days to a full on headache, plugged ears, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, deathly sore throat, coughing, aching, fever, so you can't sleep virus.

But, I'm happy to announce...that today, I'm starting to feel better. After two nights of mucinex, tylenol PM, advil liquigels, and Vitamin C - its beginning to subside.

Now about the house and garden that has been neglected all week.... I'll get to that eventually this weekend.

This morning, I looked out my window from the kitchen table and I think - think - think - eyes please do not deceive me - that I see some red things around the tomato plants. See here's the deal.... Earlier this week, I went out to the garden and saw that the tomato plants had a few green tomatoes on them... green green green. But, the lower section of the plants were buried with dying leaves from blight and septoria…


This morning as I was reading my Bible, I was thinking about what Jesus said in John 12:24 that " I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels—a plentiful harvest of new lives".

So many many things went through my mind as I read and pondered about what the Lord said here. It started, of course, with my garden. The many seeds that I planted a few months ago... dead things really... now a plentiful harvest... or soon to be. It's a miracle really how a seed can produce such incredible things.

I thought about Jesus' death.... and how His death produced an amazing harvest of souls who will never have to taste spiritual death should they choose to walk with Him.

Then, I thought about all the friends of mine - myself included - who have gone through some wild and crazy changes in life this past year. The seeds of yesterday dried up before them... and planted in a new world, a n…

We're back...

We're back from vacation and it was a great time.

1. I washed my hair after just 3 days. Couldn't take it. But, you'll be proud to know that I haven't combed or brushed it yet. I really did quit that.

2. We visited a waterfall and a glass church. It was all pretty cool. But, the best part was spending time with the friends we adore. Miss you guys already!!

3. When I got back, the Japanese beetles moved in to the garden and munched on my plants! I decided to wage war with pesticide. I'm gaining ground.

4. Having a bra party next week and you're all ---- should I clarify women only --- invited. (not you Nate)

5. Returned from vacation at 90 degree weather to 60 degrees! In the evening it's even been below 50!!! Happy to report that this week should be in the 70s most of the week.

6. Harvested tons of green beans and my very FIRST RED TOMATO of the season!! We ate it faster than my camera or I'd have a photo to share with you!

That's all for now.


Summer of 2009 will forever be known as the year she began to learn to play the clarinet. She's the fourth daughter to fall in line with band the summer before 5th grade. The oldest played percussion for 2 years. The second one played flute for 5 years. The third played saxophone for 1 year.

the day I quit washing and combing my hair

Today is the day.  It is so rainy and yukky out that I give up.  My entire life I have wanted to NOT have curly hair.  So, I attempt to straighten it and make it look decent and manageable most days.  If I try to wash and/or comb my hair on any type of humid wet or otherwise somewhat unfavorable day, it does what it wants.  So, today, I quit.As of today, I will not wash my hair.... we're headed south for a week of vacation and I am determined to come back with dreadlocks.  By the way, I wore green for this picture in honor of the first cucumbers I picked from my garden today!!! WHOO HOO!Technorati Tags:

Now this is summer!



I harvested peas. All of them. Yep. Every. single. one. And here they are. 1 cup.


Although I do think it would make a beautiful girls name, Septoria is not my friend. I do not like her. July is the month to watch for pests and diseases in the garden and our first culprit is Septoria Leaf Spot on my tomatoes.

Septoria is one of the common fungal diseases in tomatoes. The other being blight. They usually become more severe after blossom set and develop on the older leaves or the ones near the ground first. Although the rainy weather we have been enjoying is great for watering the garden, it is also great for these kinds of diseases. Although they can... they don't usually kill the plants. But, disease significantly decreases the production of fruit.
My method of control: Daconil. Although pesticides are controversial among gardeners, I guess I prefer the prescriptive route rather than taking my chances. So, today begins the Daconil treatments. Every week for a month, I will apply Daconil to my tomato plants to get rid of good old Septoria. As a side note, Daconil a…


Nearly two months ago, Shawn & I went away for a week on a business trip. While we were gone, something happened to our tv and it doesn't work anymore. It might be an easy fix or a simple antenna adjustment, but we haven't tried.

It dawned on me this morning that it has been nearly two months since I've heard the babbling of a television set... and I don't miss it. This isn't the first time we have gone without a tv, and each time we do this, I realize how much of our lives are missed as we sit in a trance in front of the little square box in the living room. How many robins songs are drowned out by the news in the morning. How many chickadees I miss as I wait for the today show. How many shaped clouds are unseen as my eyes are glued to the obama whitehouse news.

This morning I wondered what must God think of me? The time and effort He pours into His Creation... the beauty and majesty of the God of the Universe... the amazing intricate designs of the Almigh…