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Wordless Wednesdays Rock Star



I was finally taking a minute to catch up on my blogger friends and I realized that Mel had tagged me for wierdness....

Remember, you asked for it. WHY am I WEIRD? HOW and I WEIRD? It might take a while to generate this list.....

1. my ballet moves - they are really sweet.
2. I like Napoleon Dynamite
3. toothpaste makes me want to vomit. It's the frothiness --- blech!
4. an insane number of household appliances (rice cooker, food processor, blender, chopper, mixer, .....and the list goes on) -- hey! I don't have an electric can opener! (and I don't want one either!)
5. five words - I. Love. Love. Love. Lipstick.
6. I can smell natural gas when others can't - all. the. time. - I am constantly calling the gas company to fix leaks nobody else can smell.
7. I like corndogs!
8. I put salt on watermelon
9. I like to watch 2020, 60 minutes, Primetime, Dateline,.... even though I know they're twisted and one-sided, I get sucked into them.
10. I thought I ate weird foods... but check …
In honor of my husband's trip to Colorado, I give you this....

He's been gone now for nearly a week. The first few days I worried a lot. It was very cold and he is sleeping in a tent - in a sleeping bag - on a cot. I still can't believe it. I think he'll come home and confess that he had a sleep number bed or something.

But, after today, I am officially NOT going to worry any longer. And as a matter of fact, I'm downright ticked.


Well, here's why.... according to it is supposed to be a high of 73 there tomorrow!

What kind of a snowy cold mountain are they hunting on???? That's not roughing it even in a tent.

So, it's over. I officially don't feel bad anymore when I snuggle up with my kicking 7 year old in our nice cozy bed at night and wake up in the morning with her pushing me out of bed and stealing all the covers.