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Stuff Christians Like

I just got Jonathan Acuff’s book “Stuff Christians Like” this week, and I’ve been thumbing through it.  So much in there that cracks. me. up.We are weird Christians, for sure.  The book is hysterical.  And at the same time, very thought provoking.  I found myself thinking…yeah…why the HECK DO WE do these crazy things???This one is one of my personal favorites: “THROWING THE DEVIL UNDER THE BUS FOR EVERYTHING”.  This is hilarious.  Acuff says in his book “For instance, if your band at church sucks one Sunday morning, it might be really easy to say ‘The enemy sure was attacking service today. None of the songs worked well, and our timing was completely off. What a mess. Satan was sure pressing in on all sides.”He says he agrees.  That is one way to look at it.  Then Acuff says “Another way to look at it is that you guys didn’t practice.”Recently, I read an email from someone who had some pretty disappointing things going on in their life.  They were “under attack”.  I didn’t know how to…