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corn, carrots, and crazy

First... Garden update:
Today is Tuesday, August 25 and this is what the garden is doing...
1. Overload on carrots. I discovered even though I THOUGHT I was thinning them out, I still didn't do it enough. I have a BUNCH of itty bitty carrots.... some big ones. But, all in all, they are just small due to the overcrowdedness.

2. Broccoli got some worms - luckily this was after we harvested the main heads and while I was COOKING the side shoots I had taken off, I discovered the littley measly creeps.... ew. That was gross.

3. Cauliflower - very interesting purple stuff. I may try this another year, but probably not next. Just too wierd and not as flavorful as I want....'s a lot of maintenance, which I am not about.

4. Beans are done. Beans Beans Beans. I like them...but will def not plant more than one package next year.

5. Green Peppers - TONS! Love em! Froze em! Ate em! Now we're waiting for the little ones to get big again... I should have about 15 or so more be…

First Day of School 2009 - Senior Year and 5th Grade

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vacation and the "wedding"

I can NOT believe it is August.  NOT.  Where has the summer gone?School starts in a mere 2 days.  And I don't know what happened to July.  So, I went through my photos and discovered a few things...We took a vacation... and this was the navigator....Where did we go? We went on some walks... to some really cool places...caught some bugs...some wild swimming....visited a very unique church....what do you do with 7 kids in a unique church visit?  play "wedding"!the nervous groom....the blushing bride... the ceremony...the Reverend is in the center... the Ring... ;)I know pronounce you... uh... you can hug the bride....

this week

The countdown is on... three more days of summer vacation. School starts on Thursday. I have Wednesday off and want to spend one day doing something fun with the girls... even if it's just hanging out at home playing games.

Every year about school time, the weeks begin to pile and pile and pile with things. So, I'm bracing myself for the schedule.

Monday - I have to get into the garden tonight... I haven't stepped foot in there for days and it is surely time to harvest something! Nephew's 17th birthday. Note to self: get a card.

Tuesday - Natalie's Birthday (Happy Birthday Natalie!) - good excuse to go out for lunch eh?

Wednesday - open house to tour the school and church kids music night - Em's first performance with the worship team. - this is the day to do something - anything - fun

Thursday - school starts (I do love my kids, but it is almost as if there are little fireworks that will explode at 8:25am on this day)

Then, next week... it's choir parent …

the weekend

I'm really looking forward to our weekend.

We are going to a wedding of a friend of the family... a sweet young man who is marrying his sweetheart.

All of the girls have made it home and we're all going, which is something that never happens except for maybe Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Then, we're heading to a hotel and a little shopping on Sunday.... just a short weekend getaway with lovely friends.

I am so excited for Gabriel and Naomi.... my greatest memories of Gabe are of him doing a Julia Childs video in my kitchen... a little Brittney Spears dance.... some awesome Napoleon Dynomite moves... oh I SO hope he does his Napoleon dance at the wedding reception. I might have to make a special request!!

Congratulations Gabe and Naomi! August is a fabulous month to get married! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

21 years

Dear Shawn,
I still do.


Just stopping in to say that I need a Napoleon Dynamite day soon. very very soon.

A day that I can do "whatever I feel like I wanna do! Gosh!!"


My Mother in Law is recovering from her surgery in the hospital. It's a slow recovery. She has MS and it seems that nothing is normal with MS patients.... so please continue to pray for her.

Today, I spent the stormy day at home trying to catch up on some overdue things...

1. froze 16 quarts of super sweet corn.
2. baked 6 loaves of chocolate zuchini bread. See recipe below... This is the best invention since hocolate cake. I'll never make regular zuchini bread again. ever.
3. made homemade salsa with the peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro from the garden.
4. harvested 3 heads of cauliflower - they were starting to get overripe... not good.
5. cleaned the bag of carrots I pulled a few days ago - have I mentioned that carrots are a pain to clean? If I have, it really deserves repeating.
6. tried my hand at homemade pablos chicken quesadillas... this local restaurant closed down and I LOVED the way they made their quesadillas with veggies... so I tried my hand at it.. and I think the…


Today I am meditating on this:

Proverbs 20:4 The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?


It's been a quiet week. My mother in law is in the hospital under some pretty serious health concerns. I would appreciate your prayers. She needs surgery... but has pneumonia in her lung. The pneumonia needs to clear up before she can have the surgery.

We're all concerned for her and praying for her health.