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New Years Resolutions I Will Not Keep

I have spent most of the morning attempting to think of some profound thing to say to end the year. Something deep and meaningful.... so I looked back at the blog entries from the year... all 81 of them.

I wondered if I should make some New Years Resolutions that I won't keep. I know I won't. I have no intention of keeping them. But, I can at least state some things I would definitely LIKE to do... and some things that I am definitely interested in starting.

1. Blog more often. 81 entries (wait...this makes 82) ends up averaging not even 2 a week. Downright shameful.

2. Take more photos. I have a great camera that I need to use. I thought about attempting to take a photo a day for an entire year, but I'm pretty sure I would fail... so I'll just say I'd LIKE to do it, but have no intention of following through.

3. Do my devotions every. single. day. I started the spring of 2009 very intentional... spending quality time with God every single day. But, for some …


December has been a busy month for us. Here it is 2 days before Christmas and I realized I haven't blogged since November 18. Lots of bloggers take blogging breaks.... this one wasn't on purpose by any means. We've just been busy.

Today, as I write this, my heart is heavy. Shawn's mom is in the hospital in pretty fragile condition. She had a pacemaker put in today as her heart doesn't want to cooperate with her at all. She's been in the hospital for a little over a week and they are still working on figuring out exactly the best treatment for her. She had a spinal tap today as well, as the neurologist saw something and wants to figure out what it is. So, my sisters in law and my brother in law are staying with us as my dad in law hangs out in the hospital this Christmas with Marge.

Our second oldest daughter, Lindsey, moved back home. We've enjoyed having her home... cooking supper, cleaning while we're at work, running the kids around to places…