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As I sit at my computer, with a steamy hot cup of coffee, early in the morning, amazed and flabbergasted that school is (once again) cancelled due to weather, my thoughts drift to a faraway land...

A land where snow drifts and blizzards do not exist. A land where ice only comes in small cubes in a tall glass. A land where slipping and sliding occur only on a long thin piece of plastic in the backyard.

Yes, I am dreaming of summer. Not spring. Skip that. Just go straight to summer.

The flower catalogs have begun... full stream ahead. I gaze at the lovely butterfly bushes, the new green envy coneflower, the mounds of hardy primrose, and dream of digging in the dirt and cool thunderstorms and the light dew early in the morning. I dream of sipping lemonade on the deck late in the evening and watching shooting stars from the hot tub at midnight.

All of the best things about summer compared against the dismal light of late winter is hardly fair, I know. But isn't that how we are? W…

Wednesday's retreat

Yesterday... I took the day off work to treat my sister-in-law to a fun early birthday present for her.We had a fantastic, relaxing, amazing facial at a spa near here.I've never had a facial before. I have no idea why. It was worth. every. penny.

new boots

Another snow day. Even though my kids will have to completely retake this year, it sure has been fun! There was a thick layer of ice all over the state this morning. I guess that would be why school is cancelled again. However, I decided to hitch a ride to work with my hubby so he could drop me off at the door and I don't have to walk through piles of snow and ice. AND I could wear my sweet new boots. Wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done... but I made it without falling...lunch might be a delivery today though.

Sunday Snow Day

Snow Snow Snow. I really think we have had a record this winter. I tried to prove it, but didn't spend too much time searching for it. So, I'm just believing we have.
Abbie came home sick from her weekend youth retreat. I was going post a picture of her on here for posterity's sake, but decided that if it were ME, I wouldn't want that. So, I'll be nice. She's quarantined to the guest bedroom... and I'm taking her water and tylenol and ibuprofen every couple of hours... giving her a few crackers and nibbles when she's awake (which isn't much)... and praying for her to get better soon (which she isn't at all, so I think we will be heading to the doctor in the morning).
Since there was so much snow outside, and blizzard conditions... we had a Church Snow Day. So, we spent the afternoon in the basement cleaning and organizing, and listening to cheezy 80s tunes. Somewhere in the middle of the cd collection, Emily found this cd. She knew all the words t…

Happy Valentine's Day

I just thought I'd wish you all a happy Valentine's Day!

For the past several weeks, I have been dropping "hints" - oh! Please! Don't TELL me you don't do it too!!

I confess, I am the one who has been leaving jewelry fliers and ads in my husband's box at work and putting sticky notes on the ones I like. I even went so far as to suggest that I THINK the local jewelry store accepts appointments and he shouldn't be late for his. (I have no shame).

Then, yesterday, I decided I'd drop another hint on my blog... an altogether different type of gift, but a lovely one none-the-less.

Today, I arrived to work and had a roll of cookies with a Valentine's Day card on my desk. It was very sweet. I will devour the cookies later. (Hey! Maybe the jewelry is hidden inside the cookie sleeve!)

If it is a ring, a necklace, a puppy, flowers, or even just a roll of cookies,... I know that he loves me - and I am proud to be his wife.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! G…

Wordless Wednesday: The Perfect Valentine's Gift

Now isn't this the sweetest thing you ever did see?

Happy 21st Birthday Haleigh

Certain things in life are easily forgettable... I can't remember what I ate for supper last Wednesday.... I can't remember what I did last weekend, and for the life of me, I can't remember if I put the clothes in the dryer before I left the house this morning. Other things, are etched in my mind so clearly that I can close my eyes and smell the smells and hear the sounds.
I can remember my junior year of high school, I wore gray corduroy pants and a fuzzy light pink sweater with my pink and gray oxford shoes. My sweater had these pearl buttons that I thought were so delicate and dainty and I looked all over to find the perfect pair of faux pearl earrings to wear that would compliment the outfit perfectly.
I can recall with the utmost detail the night I accepted Christ as my Savior in the backseat of a car in a restaurant parking lot in the wee hours of the morning with a man that would one day become my husband. In those days, there were many things people did in the back…

dog dreaming

For quite a while, I've been trying to convince my husband that I - no WE - NEED a dog. I've tried various arguments and it just doesn't seem to work on him. Someone suggested I just bring one home like my friend's husband did... and I think after being married for 20 years, I've learned that isn't the way to win him over. (translated to: been there. done that. didn't work.)

We had a dog once. He keeps reminding me it didn't work. My response of course is that waaaaaaaaaay baaaaack then we lived in a 900 square foot bungalow with barely even running water. We have much more room now and plenty of yard for the sweet little bundle of joy to run around in.

He tells me we are gone too much. I tell him there are LOTS of workaholic families like us who have dogs and it works. really. well.

He asks me who will take care of it. To which, I of course, resort to the 9 year old side of me that says I'll do everything. I'll walk it. I'll feed it. I…

college students

There is nothing like a call from your college student who says "hey mom and dad, is it okay if I come home for a weekend and bring some friends?" and then shows up with 20 of her closest friends....

Haleigh brought her college group worship team retreat to our house this weekend. It's been a lot of fun having a group of young people and all the energy they bring.

I hid away for a little while this morning as they were in the basement during a worship time... playing fabulous worship music ... and I was completely blessed.

I thought about what the weekend means to most 21 and 22 year old college students, and what many young people this age spend their free time doing. And I was blessed again.

I thank God that my college girls have found strong Christian relationships in these college years with friends who love the Lord and desire to serve Him whole-heartedly and to be used by Him with their time, treasure, and talents.


These two win the angel award for the week. Yesterday was a snow day (no, this picture was not taken yesterday as you can see from the green grass in the background). They were home from school and I had to work. At 4:50pm, they called work to ask if we could pick up a pizza on the way home and have pizza for supper. I was quick to oblige since I didn't feel like cooking. When we got home, they had cleaned the whole house.... really well! And were waiting in their swimsuits to sit in the hot tub with us after we ate pizza. Thanks girls. That was really really really nice of you.

snow day

Just for the record, I helped my husband scoop the driveway today. In honor of his birthday yesterday. Well, no, not in honor of that. But, I did. kind of. You see, there really wasn't 2 snow shovels. So, I used the broom and swept the front porch after he did it. Then, I moved the truck up so he could do under where it was parked. Helpful aren't I?

Happy Birthday Skippy!

It's Skippy's birthday.
He is 45 today.

I wonder if he will mind me spewing his age all over the internet.

We bought him some gifts. And, even though I really wanted to, I did NOT get him the personalized bobble head.

He had a bad start for the day. First thing in the morning, he went to go renew his drivers license, and he got a speeding ticket on the way. ouch. first one in 10 years or more.

But, I took him out to lunch and then bought him some steaks for dinner.

AND... I made him this really sweet tangy tart yummy key lime torte birthday cake. yes. I. did.

When you're 45, birthdays aren't like they were when you were 8. But, they are still pretty special.

To the most adorable, honorable, loving, kind, caring, soft-hearted, generous man I know: happy birthday babe. I love you.