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May Day

I hesitated,...then decided after reading the Laudry Pile today....that May Day is worth blogging twice in one day for! :)

Only because if I wait until tomorrow, it will look like I forgot...which, for once, I didn't!!

I somehow managed to stumble across this blog... and thought I'd share her craftiness with you all. There is a fantastic download there for you to print off your own and copy.... it's so easy and adorable.

We aren't putting real flowers in them. We are filling the cones with yummies and goodies young children in the neighborhood will love.

Oh... and how do I get this done in the midst of my crazy week? Aunt Shanda...and Gramma of course. After school Em's been going over there to, as my dad would say "git er done!".

If you're new to May Day, you should definately try it. I spent a bunch of my childhood in the Bay Area in California and we didn't do this stuff. It wasn't until I had kids that my MIL introduced me to it.

Fill your…


I have so many things on my mind this week. It's one of those weeks that you can just "feel" the anticipation of things going on. Lots of things really.

1. Our church is hosting our first ever Women's Conference. Now, mind you... we've organized "going" to these things...and last year we had about 40 women go away to a hotel and did a little thing. But, this year.... we have 70 women - which for some churches is nothing - and others is huge. We've been blessed with a fantastic senior Pastor's wife who has a vision for this thing. I have been incredibly blessed to work with her. no joke. she's incredible. I was really overwhelmed yesterday with the different things that we were doing and I am involved in...the late night practices and meetings... and then when I saw the drama that we were doing on Friday night, it blessed me so much... then, this morning, I got the final service orders...and I began to feel the anticipation of what God…

I can't believe it

She read my mind.

I was prepared this morning to write an entire blog entry on the fact that my friend, VALERIE, never - ever - ever - ever - comments on my blog. I know she reads it religiously.

And never comments.

And then there is Cindy. I know you are out there Cindy Lou hoo!! You never comment either. ever.

And of course, Theresa. You guys just sit in the background lurking around here all the time and never participate in the commenting.

You are trying to fool me and hide from me and make me think you don't know about my sewer problems and my filthy house and all the things that happen in our world.

Enough is enough. Now is the time. Val, you did it!! I know your comment says "anonymous" but I know who you are... Now, Cindy, Shawn, Theresa, Bill, Nate, and who else is out there? Who are the ones I am unaware of? Come on out... come on ... you can do it. Raise your hand and say hello!

40 days to 40

For the past 6 months, I've been reminding everyone near and dear to me that I will - ahem! - be forty this year. I even sent out Outlook Calendar appts. which marked the big 40 days to 40... and today....the countdown begins. For quite a while, I've been trying to decide what I want to do for my birthday... an 80's party perhaps? A motorcycle ride across the state with my homies?

I'm feeling pretty young today... so apparently it hasn't set in yet. I am sure that in 40 more days, I will be walking with a cane and have purple hair. By the time birthday actually gets here, I will probably be too old to celebrate and I will have to just take a nap.

So, hang on for the next 40 days - I'm hoping my 30's will go out with some good times.

In other news...
Tomorrow is Administrative Prof. Day and guess what? I have two jobs in which I am considered an "Admin" person. I work at the church as a "Project Specialist" ... which is a pretty fancy…

Quick! Call an Ambulance!

I went on a bike ride with my 9 year old yesterday.

Okay... I will wait a minute while you gain your composure. You don't have to be so loud about it.

I had been promising her that we would go on a bike ride together for a few days. Why didn't I promise her a trip to Starbucks for a nice hot latte?

So, we ditched a few responsibilities and went on a bike ride. But, I didn't have a bike. So, I was going to walk. She said I could borrow Abbie's bike. Except Abbie has the bike seat from the land down under - you know what I mean. And my rear was not meant to sit on that tiny thing. But, I rode it anyway.

After we crossed the street, we started heading down the road and it was pretty nice for a couple minutes. Luckily, my dad lives 2 blocks away, so we had to stop there to say hi and to tell him that we are on a bike ride.

Then, we headed back on our bike ride. We left my dad's and there is a slight hill. Emily got tired just-in-the-nick-of-time so I had to walk wit…

Wordless Wednesdays - the girls trip


I am flip flops

You Are Flip Flops

You are laid back and very friendly.

Cheery and sunny in disposition, you usually have something to smile about.

Style is important to you, as long as you can stay casual.

It takes a lot to get you to dress up!

You are a loyal and true person, though you can be a bit of a flake.

You tend to "play hooky" and blow off responsibilities a lot more than most people.

You should live: By the beach

You should work: At a casual up and coming company

What Kind of Shoe Are You?


I'm back.
I had a fabulous weekend.
I want to show you pictures.
But, I can't. Because I can't find the cord thingy that hooks up to my old school digital camera to download the pics onto the computer.
So, you lose today with no pictures.

Seriously though... I haven't been to ALL of the women's conferences in the world. But, this one... was the best one I have ever been to. Really. I wish you all could have come. It would have been so fun for you too.

They did so many incredible things. I took my daughter Abbie, and sis in law, Shanda. (age 15 & 16). They had a fabulous time. I think that their fun time had something to do with the free stuff they gave away at this conference. Lots of free stuff. Note to self: give away free stuff. People like it.

I came home with the following items:
- a magnet
- a sticker that says "you are beautiful"
- a canvas bag
- a sample of starbucks coffee beans
- a fabulous awesome lipgloss
- a flower bulb
- a vitamin water
- 3…

10 Random things for Wednesday

1 - the number of days I have until I leave to go to a women's conference with the girls!
2 - the number of weeks I have had my cold... and the number of other people's children I had at my house last night (it was fun!)... and the number of tax returns I completed in one hour last night (my girls ... 1040ez is pretty slick when you're that young)
3 - the number of meals I have actually cooked at my house this week... and the number of days I will be gone to the aforementioned retreat.... and the number of days I have had to work this week.
4 - the number of times my husband's cell phone rang (and was answered) during our lunch "date" this afternoon.
5 - the number of minutes I have to finish typing this.
6 - the number of ibuprofen I have taken today to rid myself of a vicious headache (it worked!) ..and the number of days I have to get my house whipped into shape for a bridal shower there. yikes! you KNOW that's a task that isn't done yet as stated in m…

not yet

I've been working hard all day to post some pictures to prove to you that I CAN solve my dirty house problems. I just don't have it done yet. Reread the post from yesterday and get a good laugh....


I told my husband this morning that I need to hire a full time maid. Either that or I need a bull whip for my family. Here's why.

Warning: The pictures you are about to see are explicit and filthy in nature. Downright ew. The Kitchen: Yes, that is a sock you see on the TABLE in photo #2 - the good news is that it is clean.

The Dining Room Table:

The family room windows. What you see here are blankets all hung up. This picture doesn't do it justice. But, there are about 8 of them because the kids wanted to watch a movie during the day... a couple of weeks ago.
A random sock. I think there are about 7 of these laying in various places around here.
A pencil and paper in the bathroom downstairs. Because you never know when you might need to write notes in there?

Living Room:

Spare Bedroom: Nobody actually inhabits this space in my house. Hence, the word "Spare". However, someone has been inflitrating the spare camp slowly...

Laundry/Mud Room: (Could this be my maid?)

I wis…

This one's for Momzie

Momzie has requested that I post something on my blog. I am a slacker. And here's why: I have a boring life people! I go to work, go to church, go home, eat, sleep, and lately, cough.

Nothing exciting about that. Occasionally, I will get an inspired message from God worth sharing, or have a witty thought that I attempt to wow you all with. But, mostly, I'm boring.

Last Sunday, I went to church, and the entire time I listened to the message, I wanted to fall asleep. Now, hang on. I didn't mean it like you think. The message was actually quite funny. We had these guys show up... kind of.

So, anyway... I was tired. I was so sleepy. I just wanted to sleep. So, after church, I went home and slept. Took a nice long nap. Then, when I got up, after having a coughing fit. I decided I needed to take some more medicine. When I went to get the stuff I had taken earlier that morning, I realized.... it was nite time that I had taken. No wonder I was so tired!See... like I said. Bori…