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It's spring. And we have a few fun things going on.

First, we decided to plant a vegetable garden. I took a picture to prove it. It isn't that impressive because it has only been tilled.... and it has some potatoes in there somewhere... but that's it for now.

Please note the adorable little yellow pup in the picture. Her name is Mae and she belongs to the neighbors. Since my husband won't let me have a dog yet, I've adopted her as my friend. :)

And, I would also like to share with you another photo I took. No, it is not the wonderful landscape of the midwest united states wildflowers..... it is our back yard. And yes, those lovely beautiful yellow flowers are dandelions.

I want one....

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?

meet Gucci

Meet Gucci. She is our spoiled rotten kitty. She has a special chair that she sits in all. day. long. She runs to her water bowl like a dog when she's thirsty. She always has eye boogers. She sheds. And she does tricks. She knows how to open doors... so we always have to take the handle off or she will get outside. People don't believe it until they see it... and she is a pretty good balancer.


Anyone need to hire an Interior Designer?

prayer request

This little guy is Shawn's little brother, Shelly.
He's going in on Thursday for some surgery on his esophagus. It's been a long road getting to this point. Say a little prayer for him today.