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A Mom's Heart

My heart is heavy.
I rarely watch tv.
But, today as I flipped through the channels of television, my thoughts became deep.
Every channel it seemed were filled with scantily dressed women and teens.
Even the food network showed a woman cooking with a more than revealing shirt on.

Lord, why is it so hard being a mom?

Being a mom of four daughters, I am constantly bombarded with a battle to encourage my girls to keep their hearts pure.

How does a mother battle with the media?  
When I was a teen, it seemed it was just a few channels, a few magazines, a few areas…
But today, clothes are skimpy and bodies are thinner and thinner.  Articles on how to be a good kisser and what to wear to attract boys are rapid in magazines geared toward girls age 12-20.

“Keep your heart with all diligence for out if it spring the issues of life” Proverbs 4:23

How do I tell my daughter that it doesn’t matter what others say about her?  It only matters what God says.  How do I battle against the peer pressure today tha…

she's countin down the days

I'm amazed.... Haleigh is almost done with her first year of college. We go pick her up next week on Thursday. And she is done done done. She is so ready to be home. She will be home for a few days, then off to China for ten days.... and then... .uh... .reality. get. a. job. girl. :)

I'm truly amazed though... I thought elementary schools had a lot of parties at the end of the year. I can't keep up with the girl's social schedule. She called me twice tonight from a concert she went to with a bunch of friends. "Can you hear it mom?" "hear what?" "the concert!" "oh, that noise in the background?... that's a concert???"

As if I needed a reminder of my age...

I'm proud of her. She almost didn't finish at the end of the first semester. But, she held on and finished well.

Can't wait to have my housecleaner/babysitter/nanny/errand runner back.... and my sweet georgous beautiful daughter. See ya next week babes…


I recently read an article that said there are 2.5 billion cups of coffee drank each day in the US? I would have to argue with that. I bet it's actually higher.

I dream of the day when I can live by a starbucks.... we don't have one in our town. But, somedays I drive 20 minutes to the next city to go to the starbucks there. You know... on my way to work. :)

I dream of a starbucks drivethrough next door to me...

I dream of 197.6 degree Farenheit coffee at any time I want it...

If I had a starbucks next door, I'd be their best customer...

Did you know Starbucks recommends two tablespoons of ground coffee for ever 6 oz of water?

I'm a little obsessed with starbucks today.
I haven't had but two cups of coffee all week.
I'm having withdrawals.


And you thought YOU were weird?

Heth tagged me to do this… I are supposed to list six weird things about me. Heth did it.  I don’t think her things are that weird.  I should write “six reasons why Heth isn’t weird”.  Duh… everybody does the things she listed.  --- don’t they?  Well, hang on… except the elbow thing.  (

Okay… well, sorry mom sorry dad, sorry family.  The world must know.  

Six things that are weird about me, in no specific order and with no detail.  (

the way I rub my nose
my hiccups.  Ohmygosh… so weird.
my ballerina moves
radish sandwiches
icy icy icy cold water – that’s not really that weird.
I memorize numbers

There you have it folks, my weirdness…

What is up with me?

It has been since Easter that I have actually posted anything on here. Wow! I cannot say that I've been that busy, but I guess I have. Mostly, Easter weekend was long, and left me a few steps behind in everything at work... and at home. So, I feel like we've been trying to play catch up everywhere we go.

I visited the flylady's site today. She posed the question... Are you livin in CHAOS? -- Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome? I am truly a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive).

You don't believe me? Let me give you a list of the items now on my DESK -- mind you, this is a DESK, you know...

A piece of furniture typically having a flat or sloping top for writing and often drawers or compartments.

Should I stress the part that says "FOR WRITING"?

1. old popcorn box filled with video tapes (not mine)
2. magazines
3. wrapping ribbon
4. curling ribbon
5. spray bottle of water
6. backpack of Em's filled with fake subway food
7. a bottle of water (I'm thinking it…

Happy Easter!

School Lunch

Last Friday, I ate lunch with Em at school.
Any parent who hasn’t eaten lunch with their kid at school, I highly recommend you try it once.
It’s a blast.

In our school, when a kid has a “guest”, they get to sit at a “special table”.
AND… they get to choose one or two kids to sit there too.
The two kids we got to sit with both had cold lunch.
So, the entire conversation at lunch was about their lunches, and how they got to make them all by themselves!
After school, Em came home. As soon as she walked in the door she started digging out her lunch box.

E: “I’m going to make a cold lunch for tomorrow”
Me: “Em, you don’t have school tomorrow”
E: “But, I want to take a cold lunch”
Me: “okay, make a lunch and you can eat it tomorrow”
As she was putting things together from the fridge and cupboard, she came in to the living room to find me.

E: “Mom, can you find something to keep this cold in my lunch?”
Me: “Em, you can’t put a popsicle in there. It’ll melt and make a mess”

Our weekend came and went. Whew! …

Georgous Weather!

I LOVE this time of year! The weather on says it is supposed to be between 68-72 all week with a few scattered showers and thunderstorms! YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE! Tulips be prepared, daffodils are blooming, hyacinths blossoming, and lilacs are right around the corner!
I have no plants at this place we are living in, so I'm going to have to rob from my friends gardens to enjoy them on my table this year. I'll be over Chris, Mary, and Heth. You won't notice me. You will just think your flowers are taking forever to bloom and the rabbits are eating them. :)

The Old Barn

The Old Barn

A few blogs ago, Heather blogged about her friend Sara.  I was going to give you a link to it, but everytime I try to click on her site today, for some reason, my internet explorer shuts down.  So, sorry!

Anyway, she mentioned this:

“I admit, I feel so unbelievably naked without makeup, but since seeing my dear friend, I have re-thought the issue. I'm not going to go all deep on you all about inner beauty and whatnot. But I have ditched my eyeliner pencil, 99.9% of the time. And I usually just do mascara and some lipgloss if I'm just running around town.”

I am strangely addicted to makeup, to say the least.  I started wearing makeup in 6th Grade and have never stopped.  I swore that when I got married I would go to bed AFTER my husband and get up BEFORE him so he would never see me with my makeup off.  (Only half of that is true. I do get up first) .  I made a pact with my 6th grade friend Chris that if one of us died, ever, we would do each others makeup because we …