Friday, November 10, 2006


I was finally taking a minute to catch up on my blogger friends and I realized that Mel had tagged me for wierdness....

Remember, you asked for it. WHY am I WEIRD? HOW and I WEIRD? It might take a while to generate this list.....

1. my ballet moves - they are really sweet.
2. I like Napoleon Dynamite
3. toothpaste makes me want to vomit. It's the frothiness --- blech!
4. an insane number of household appliances (rice cooker, food processor, blender, chopper, mixer, .....and the list goes on) -- hey! I don't have an electric can opener! (and I don't want one either!)
5. five words - I. Love. Love. Love. Lipstick.
6. I can smell natural gas when others can't - all. the. time. - I am constantly calling the gas company to fix leaks nobody else can smell.
7. I like corndogs!
8. I put salt on watermelon
9. I like to watch 2020, 60 minutes, Primetime, Dateline,.... even though I know they're twisted and one-sided, I get sucked into them.
10. I thought I ate weird foods... but check out this list!!!! EW!


momzie said...

You are such a fun kind of weird!
Hi Fives on the smellling gas. I drive my family nuts with things I can smell and they can't.
So, can we have a ballet demo??

Heth said...

Yep, I want a ballet recital.

meLanie said...

ew! how did you come upon that list of foods?? yah for corn dogs!

i am definitely thinking the dance recital is an awesome idea! set a date! How about nacho libre? is he like napoleon dinamite's cousin??

T said...

I don't know... I'm not sure you guys could handle my smooth ballet moves. Nutcracker barbie can't hold a candle to me. I just don't want to put anyone to shame or make them feel bad for their own lack... so I probably can't show you...sorry

T said...

I forgot to pass it on!!!

I tag Haleigh, Shera, Nate, Mary, and Shawn!!!

Come on BLOG!!!

Beefy said...

Is nobody going to comment on the salty watermelon?? I guess I'm going to have to. What on earth got you to try salt on your watermelon in the first place, I'd like to know? And salt or sugar on your tomatoes?

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

I totally love salt on watermelon, apples. I'm a salt freek though!!! I'm all for the recital. *chanting* Tina! Tina! TIna!

Heth said...

So....I know you moved and everything, but are you going to ever blog again? We miss you. We want to hear all about the new house. Helloooooo? Are you there?

Anonymous said...

Um, I love corndogs too. I didn't realize liking them was weird?