Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the end of some crazy times

A good sign that I am back in the world of the living is that I am blogging again!

It is hard to blog when life is at it's utmost of craziness! So, here's a sample of where I've been:

1. The iPod drawing went great! I played musical chairs and went through a process of elimination using the leaders to represent the kids names. It was fun! And a really cool kid won the iPod...well, hey they are all really cool kids so I wish we had 50 iPods to give away.

2. my sweet Lindsey graduated from High School. That event alone took me to a place I have never been before. She is done with High School forever. It may seem cliche' but I know that it was just yesterday she was sucking her thumb with her blanket and not wanting to leave my side. I know it was just yesterday when she watched Cinderella a thousand times a day. I know it was just yesterday when she was in second grade and didn't want to go to school so badly that she was physically ill. My sweet darling separation anxiety filled big blue eyed beauty. My only consolation is that she hasn't decided what she wants to do yet.... so maybe she'll be around the house for another year or so. I love you Lindsey Mae. I'm so very proud of you.

3. Julia's parents from Germany came and left. They were here for ten days. It was great fun to have them around. We learned a lot about them and they about us... although I am pretty sure they were a bit overwhelmed since everywhere we go is a big CROWD of people.

4. Shawn and I graduated from our class we have been taking for (well, I won't say how long it has taken us). I say that so nonchalontly but in reality I am SCREAMING inside. Only those who have done this course know what it is like to do it while you are in the midst of LIFE. I have to say --- probably the most rewarding experience of my life so far. Not that I was the best student in the system... but, God certainly taught me so much during that time in my life. I have grown so much, and I look forward to all that He continues to do in us and through us in the years to come.

5. I went back to work. Some of you might not even know I wasn't working... but I have been off for a while...and now I'm back. Two jobs as a matter of fact. Just this week I started my new schedule, and I am loving it. (has nothing to do with the kids being out of school)

6. Haleigh is back for the summer. Doing odd jobs and working for different people. I hope she can make money at that! :) She is officially a junior at college next year.

7. School's OUT! YIPPEE SKIPPEE WHOO WHOOO !!! The kids are done with school and we're all happy about it. I love summer. summer around here brings vacation Bible School playing at the pool and walks and bike rides and lots and lots of Dairy Queen!

8. I turned 39. Yikes. I am only telling you this because it is officially the last time I will mention my age in public. After this year, it's the big 4-0 and I am never going to talk about it again. ever. My brother brought me DQ (like he does every year) but I was out of town so I missed it. SNAP!

9. I switched over to a paper calendar. I have too many computers to work off of now so I went back to the old paper calendar. I know that means little to you -- except that I love my pda and I am experiencing a bit of withdrawals.

so --- that's the end of some crazy times. summer is here and I probably won't blog much... but consider yourself caught up and if you read all that stuff... give yourself a pat on the back.


meLanie said...

i didn't know it was your birthday! well, happy birthday to a wonderful, beautiful Godly woman who inspires me, has real and practical wisdom, and crazy enough to make me laugh! i love yah!

diana said...

Yeah!! I have been waiting with abated breath for a new post. SNAP - I thought Daniel was the only person who said that!! I guess you're not too old yet!

Diane said...

Well--welcome back, and congratulations on completing that class...and Happy Birthday...and How R U????!!!!! REally!

You sound like you are surviving ALL of the transitions that are going on in your life. I think if you took the stress'd be the big winner! Phew! You've got a lot going on.

It's always good to see that you are back blogging....I hope with your new job and all that is'll keep finding the time.

And don't worry about being 39! I just posted (last week) all the reasons I am thankful to be 53! See--nothing happened when I said it......well other than the normal aches and pains and the occassional chin-hair that sprouts without warning! :)

:) Diane

Natalie Joy said...

Hey bloggy stranger. Glad that most of the craziness is over, at least for now. You'll probably find that just as you get settled into your new routine, everything will change again.