Monday, October 23, 2006

47 Days til Christmas..

I was in Home Depot today and saw a sign that said "47 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS".

I panicked for a second... 47 DAYS???? oh my gosh... it's November and I didn't even know it! Where did the rest of October go? Did I fall asleep and miss the church harvest party? Who made the rockstar costume? How did the school musical go?

Ok.... a quick calculation in my head told me that it was wrong... but WHY did it say that?

For the record, there are


Days until Christmas.


meLanie said...

you are going to be a rockstar? you'll be awesome!!

Sarah said...

did it skip the weekends? 47 business days? or something?

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...


Heth said...

That is just wrong. WRONG!

Anonymous said...

crazy how commercialized Christmas has become for the sake of making people buy more, earlier. I believe on November 1st last year, all the pumpkin decorations came down off of the state street lights and all the greenery and Cmas balls were up.

iridium said...

You didn't find out why it said that?

Come on!!!! I need details!

I need to know that Ned was working for Glenn because Glenn had a doctor's appointment because the one he had last week got rescheduled because the doctor had to perform an emergency c-section on his neighbor's niece.

So Ned came in and wasn't thinking straight because the vending machine ripped him off on his morning break by not dropping the peanut m&ms out like it should of. The number of the item for the peanut m&m's was A147, just so you know.

Anyway, whent the m&m's didn't drop, he just skipped his break and decided to check in with his manager about what task he should complete. He was told to restock the nails in the hardware aisle and then hang the Christmas sign.

He was just finishing the nails when a customer asked him where she could find the shower drain covers. He pointed her to the proper area in the store and told her to go down the aisle that had the pvc pipe and she would find the shower drain covers on the left hand side of the aisle about two thirds down...yeah, right next to the replace shower knobs.

Just then, Ned is paged and asked to dial 4747 for a question about radial mitre saws. He answers the guy's question who, by the way, had a texan accent. He was wondering if the guy was really calling him from Texas or was just someone with an accent who was calling in. He decided it was the latter.

He goes back and finishes the nails and then goes to the back room to get the ladder to set up the Christmas sign. He sees that the purpose of the sign is to show how many days are left until Christmas.

He climbs up the ladder and hangs the sign and as he is counting the number of days until Christams, his stomach growls. This reminds him of getting ripped off on his break a few minutes ago. His mind thinks back to the vedning machine company that should have to refund his money because his m&m's didn't drop.

61, 62, 63. 63 days until Christams.

So he puts the number up...47.

T said...

oh my gosh... i SO did not know you could leave that long a comment...

you should blog more often're a good story writer!!