Monday, October 09, 2006


It's incredible that I haven't posted in this for nearly two weeks!! If I were a reader of my blog, I'd be tempted to quit. not really. blogging is quite addicting actually. You never really give up on the regulars that you read, no matter how lazy they get. I, for instance, have a few that I frequent regularly, even though they haven't blogged in WEEKS or MONTHS. I just click away at my favorites and go down the line checking for anything new.

Yeah, this is going to be a random post I can tell already.

I woke up tired this morning. tired. tired. tired. Why is it that occassionally I will wake up tired? I don't get it. Same sleep, same bed, same everything. Just one day all of the sudden, I'm still tired. The truth is that I wanted to take the kids to school and then go back to bed. Not for long. Just five or six hours. Then I could pick them up from school and feel refreshed. But, NOOOOOOOOOOO, I had to come to work. And uh..... "work".

Today's forcast.... high of 58, cloudy and overcast, off and on rain showers all afternoon. Sounds like great sleeping weather to me. I may have to "go home for lunch".

Wow. Even the radio seems sleepy today.

Okay, I'd better go perk up the coffee pot and get something going here. The vanilla carmel creamer is calling my name.



Heth said...

Vanilla Caramel sounds great but my Caramel Praline sounds even better. It's Limited Edition.

Sarah said...

i never seem to wake up refreshed anymore. I'm hoping that someday I will get enough sleep...

Beefy said...

Vanilla Carmel? I wanna come over. I sometimes wake up tired, too - but it's usually because I have vivid dreams all night. Me and my imagination - it's exhausting.

meLanie said...

i thought that you were a "morning" person... doesn't that mean that you love to wake up and just be all chipper??? .. josh (who by the way is one of those who reads but refuses to participate) thinks you missed your calling in stand up comedy. you are too funny!

T said...

what do you mean josh? mostly I'm completely serious.