Thursday, August 07, 2008


Our five little visitors are at their grammas house for a few days. She came and picked them up this morning. and oh is it quiet all of the sudden. Amazingly enough, we miss them already.
But, too much to do for now so it's a good thing. We are packing our bags and leaving in the morning for our trip here. I'm really confused about this place. I've heard it pronounced "MackinAW" like Mackinaw City where the "c" is .. uh...french? what would that be?... and I've heard it pronounced MackinACK. So, my number one goal when we go there is to ask someone "Where am I exactly?" and see how they pronounce it.

I'll let you know.

My second goal: r.e.l.a.x.

We keep looking at all the websites and brochures of sailing and buggy rides, and horseback riding, and fishing (ew), and we are both just wondering where we can find a good nap.

We will be a couple weeks early for the Fudge Festival. Yes, you heard it right. Fudge Festival. You know as in Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory All You Can Dream Or Imagine Fudge. I've read that they are putting 6 golden tickets in some special fudge packages at the island fudge shops and the winners can register to win a vacation package (to oompa loompa land?).

I'm just drooling thinking about finding the right package..... which leads me to my third goal, fudge.

My fourth goal? We're a little late for this season, but I'm going to see if I can find me some cherries! After all.... Michigan is the Cherry Capitol right? (even the Traverse City Airport is named after that).

Have a great weekend!


PJ said...

I've never been. But my friend has and she says it's lovely! Hve a wonderful vacation....especially after all the EXTRA kids!!!

His Girl said...

fuuuuuuudge. pretty much a slice of heaven. this is the second post tonight I've read about fudge. soooo sad there is none at my disposal.

Sing4joy said...

Looks and sounds positively decadent! Maybe you can pronounce it MackiNAP ~ and everyone can know what you're about! Have a lovely trip! Fudge seems to be a theme in bloggyville these days.

amy flege said...

oh have fun! my mom and dads best friends live in traverse city! you will love it up there!

Heth said...

MackiNAP. HA! That's awesome sing4joy. Have a fun time Tina! We'll miss you. Think of me when you eat that fudge. YUMMY!

jenni said...

Hey I know that you have the fabulous five back... is it still quiet? Hope you had an awesome time!!!! Coming back to reality is soooo hard.