Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We've had every type of sickness known to man in this house the last month. So, it's no wonder I haven't been posting. If someone isn't sick, I'm sterilizing the house!

So far, we have had the stomach flu, ear infections, sinus issues, headaches, and now pink eye!

Yes, you heard it right. Now it's pink eye. Actually, it's pink eyeS. Two of them.

Only one of us has pink eyes, and it's the youngest. So, that's good. That means that the 14 people we have coming over for dinner tonight won't be affected because she will be quarantined to her room or the basement. AND I have officially sprayed disinfectant all over the bathrooms and the door handles in the entire house, just to make myself feel better.

I guess the good thing about this is that by the time January hits, we ought to have the resistance of a lab rat so we should be good and healthy, able to survive a long winter!

A little pink eye information for you pink eye rookies: The last time we had pink eye in our house, I called the doctor and he gave me some drops. After a week of drops nothing happened, so I thought it was something entirely different. So, I went to the eye doctor to get Em's eyes checked. He said that the virus that causes pink eye is usually unaffected by the eye drops you get from the doc. He said to use soap and water and wash your eyes several times a day, drink plenty of fluids, take a decongestant, and wash your hands frequently, and it should clear up in a couple of days. That worked!

Another little tip I learned is to use camomile tea bags as a compress on your eyes several times a day. I haven't tried that one... yet.


Chris @ Come to the Table said...

Oh, poor Emily! I pray it clears up quickly.

Heth said...

Bless her heart.

Bless YOUR heart. Sick is no fun.

Diana said...

Hey, if you want to cheer up Emily, pop some of that corn. I popped some the other night and it was the poppingess corn I have ever popped. Don't tell Orville, but it blew the top right off the popper!!!!

T said...

Diana, I know what you mean! We popped some too and thought the same thing! It's very poppy!