Wednesday, March 31, 2010

17 days

We're only 17 days away from one of the biggest days in our daughter's life..... we've made lots of lists and checked them a zillion times.  I am pretty sure we're forgetting something, but it won't matter because it'll be too late before we figure that out.

And now.... I'm in awe.  In awe that I have a God so big... that in just 17 days, my daughter will marry the man that I've prayed for ... for 21 years.

I can vividly remember times on my knees before God, praying for her future husband.  For him to be a man who adores her... and honors God. 

I believe God answered those prayers.

Jitz and Joe 442


Natalie Joy said...

Such a cute couple. I really believe God has great plans for them!

Heth said...

Oh I just love that photo! They are adorable.

Devoted Momma said...

Love this post! Thanks for the testimony because I pray that for my kids as well and I know my prayers will be answered mom misses you! She tells me all the time. =)