Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Nate

Dear Nate,

First of all, you. crack. me. up. The nine voicemail messages you left me are beyond unbelievably hysterical.  If I weren’t such a hoarder of neatness I would have saved them all in my mailbox to share with other friends.  My favorite message of course was the one where you were begging me to forgive you.  I knew it was in the purest form of sincerity that you delivered your message. ;)  My second favorite message was the one that you said “New number. Same annoying Nate.”

Nate the Great, you are a classic one-of-a-kind friend. 

And just because I don’t want to give you a boring response.  Just because I know that for our friendship, it would be much more fulfilling to you if I do something different, something surprising and unexpected.  I am replying to your messages on my blog rather than calling you back.

And the rest of the people – few as they are – that are reading my blog…. well, they have to endure the fact that they have no idea what this is about.  An inside joke per se. They have no idea really….that it’s about….. well…. er…. nothing.

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Shan said...

ha... i love this post!!! even though i dont really know whats going on:)