Tuesday, June 14, 2011

one thousand

I have been reading Ann Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts”.  In her book, Mrs. Voskamp recites things she is thankful for.  Not a bucket list, rather a list that encourages us to find joy in our insane lives.  She speaks of finding joy in the midst of our sometimes dark lives.  This book has helped me tremendously as I have walked through the loss of my mother-in-law, whom I dearly loved.  Challenged me to breathe deeply the cup of sorrow.  If we did not know sorrow, how could we ever understand pure joy?

Some friends challenged each other to begin our lists as well… things we are thankful for….things that encourage us as we walk through our lives on this earth.  I started. 

1. Quiet time to think, pray, reflect, remember.

2. Tiny toes from beautiful babies.

3. The bold aroma of coffee brewing in the morning.

4. Memories of beautiful people, of days gone by.

5. Ice water, crisp and clean.

6. Crisp, fresh sheets.

7. Little girl hair in the summer that smells like a wet dog from playing outside on a cool summer night.

8. Friendships deep and meaningful, long-lasting, understanding, forgiving, and constant.

9. Pictures that tell stories, invoke emotions.

10. Strong, hard-working hands that change with time, and soften when darkness falls.

11. the pungent scent of herbs and greens mixed with dirt in the newly planted garden.

12. forgiveness.

13. family.

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the domestic fringe said...

Great list! I love 1,000 Gifts too. I keep a journal open on my counter so I can jot things down throughout the day. Sorry for your loss. Glad you're finding help to work through your sorrow. Thanks for visiting The Domestic Fringe!