Wednesday, July 06, 2011


31. I’m thankful it’s summer when the dog threw up in his crate twice.  That way I could just drag it out to the hose and hose it off.  That doesn’t happen real easily in the winter time.

32. I’m thankful I have the Dr.’s email address so I can email him in the middle of the night when my brother in law is throwing up and ask what his thoughts are this time.

33. I’m thankful all the throwing up is in one night so I can maybe sleep tomorrow.

34. I’m thankful for disinfectant spray that just makes lots of things smell so much better.

35. I’m thankful I don’t have a 9-5 job, or a boss.  I would get fired for all the family emergencies lately.

36. I’m thankful my cleaning lady and her family was able to find a home to buy. Even if it is in another state, far far away from my dirty stinky house.

37. I’m thankful for the Febreze home collection wooden wick candle cherry blossom whimsy scent I got on sale and is burning now.

38. I’m thankful for one pre-teen and one teenage daughter that are sleeping nicely right now and can wake up to be rested and helpful tomorrow (well, today).

39. I’m thankful for clean floors that got mopped in the middle of the night.

40. I’m thankful for coffee, strong and aromatic.

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