Monday, March 05, 2007

after the storm

I feel like I have been on vacation for a week... you know what it's like when you go on vacation... you're in the "vacation" bubble.... you spend a lot of time with your kids... nothing gets done at home... and when you get back, you just behind in a lot of stuff.

We had the "storm of all storms" last week, there was no school for a week, so I spent A LOT of time with my kids. You would THINK a sane person would take this time and get ahead. You know, use your time wisely. I know this may come as a real shock to you, but we didn't. We spent hours and hours and hours really doing nothing.
But, ah yes, we had birthday cake... boy did we ever! We've had a couple of those actually, and we still have some left over. But, don't bother coming over to share because with any luck at all, I will lick the plate clean by time school lets out today at 3pm!

So, today, I have come out of the vacation storm bubble. The kids are at school, the laundry room is whirring, the computer is buzzing, the checkbook is draining, and the kitchen will sparkle (after I "clean up" that cake at least). With any luck at all, I'll finish what I started two weeks ago and be right where I left off last week tomorrow. How's that for a mind boggler?

For those of you who were in the same bubble as me, have a productive day!

I leave you with a photo of my poor pot out front.... it is just a mere sampling of what the rest of the driveway looks like.


Heth said...

Oh that shot of the plant is perfect! HA! Happy productive day to you! We are pretty much getting a big fat nothing done around here. Big surprise?

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

ahhhhhhhhhh poor little plant...We did nothing this week as well...played a lot of playstation 2 and puked a lot....LOL!!!