Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Birthday Girl

It's amazing the things you remember as a mom about your kids and their birth stories. The specific memories that are etched into your mind for one reason or another.

Abbie's birth was the longest of all. I was in labor for 17 hours. Not really grueling labor, just long and boring. I remember finally deciding I was going to get a spinal. It was the messiest scene for some reason. I kept having contractions and they had to put the needle in my back a couple of times and take it back out. Finally, after the second try, I told them to forget it cuz it was time to have a baby. At first they didn't believe me. But, I gave them "that look" and then they listened.

I remember looking back at the room as they were wheeling me away to the delivery room and wondering who was going to clean up that mess. There were blankets and monitors and cables all over the place. I was glad I didn't work there.

Abbie, you came into this world with a bang. We were so excited about your entrance into our lives. We were so excited to see what you looked like and how you sounded. We anticipated your arrival with joy and excitement!

It's amazing to me that 15 years have flown by. I remember you dragging that huge comforter around with you the first five years of your life. You wouldn't leave it behind. ever.

You're the girl who grew up loving swimming lessons and playing in the park. You loved playing card games and board games. You love to sing and dance.

You have always had such a great sense of humor. I love to hear you laugh, you light up the room and make the parties fun! You enjoy life!

As a young girl, you loved Harriet the Spy. I remember when you carried that notebook around and "wrote down everything you see" for an entire summer.

You have always been a great little sister, and a wonderful big sister. I appreciate that about you.

But, most of all, I love your heart. You love people. You believe the best in people.

Many people don't know this about you, but you always display true God-kind of love to your friends. You have a love that believes, hopes, endures, cares... and that love is carried over to God as well. Something you said the other day to your dad blesses me. You said you hated to always ASK God for things.. that you feel like He's always giving and you are always asking.

That's you. You're a giver, a blesser, a believer, a hoper. You're a blessing to me! I can't wait to see how God uses your gifts and talents to His glory for the rest of your life. You are beautiful.

happy birthay abbers.


Sarah said...

happy birthday to abbie with the beautiful red curly hair!

Heth said...

Oh my goodness Abbie, you look so old in those pictures! You are stinkin adorable. Have a great day!

Chris said...


You look adorable in green!

meLanie said...

that last picture is such a classic abbie look, esp. when i am picking on you!! you are such a doll, real and beautiful in each way. love to you sweetheart and wishing you the most wonderful birthday. ( a day late!)

momzie said...

You are a gem, Miss Abby. What a great post your momma has written! You have such a sweetness about you that makes people feel comfortable. And a sassiness that's fun and spunky.

You are a lot like your mother and that's a compliment! We all love you over here at our house.

I remember the first time I saw you drag that blanket into church!
It was pretty cute....