Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Last night, we did a bit of shopping for some hunting equipment for Shawn's upcoming trip. (a bed to be exact. Is that considered "equipment"?)

We (me, Ab, and Em) coaxed Shawn into going to Cold Stone for a treat. Trust me, it didn't take much coaxing.

It was a chilly night and we really should have been drinking cocoa.

When we walked out with out with our ice cream - me with my chocolate and snickers by the way a fantastic combination - it was sleeting.

Yes maam you heard me right. SLEET.

You know what that means. Winter is here, a bit early I might add.


Heth said...

I'm really bummed that we can't just run out of the house for an errand without bundling everyone up and making sure they have shoes on. Stupid old winter.

There is no temperature guideline for when you can eat Coldstone. Oh my gosh, YUM!

meNmykids said...

I'm thinkin' I'd stick to the hot cocoa at that point. But I've never had Coldstone either. The dreaded winter..... And YES a bed could be called equipment. Especially if you intend to share the trip! The ground really stinks.

Ann said...

Oh man. Winter already?? But there is something beautiful about all that ice, so sparkly (except when you have to drive on it).

Diana said...

I missed the sleet! Daniel's car had a beautiful white covering of frost though! While I don't have to bundle any kids to go out anymore, with 2 little dogs, I have to bundle MYSELF to take them out---several times a day!!!