Friday, November 13, 2009

Second post of the month

Aren't you impressed? I am actually managing to post two times in one month.

My last post was about the random thoughts that I think when I think. (yes, that sentence does too make sense! Reread it.)

I read that last post and the comments and decided to talk some more about my dreams when I am awake. I know... some people call them daydreams. But, I think they are night dreams because I usually do it at night... to make myself fall asleep. My version of counting sheep.

I'm really not a very imaginative person. I think I have to really be focused to dream up stories to tell.... that's why dreaming up things when I'm trying to go to sleep is the perfect time for me. I can be fully focused on the day dream at night. Plus, I have this theory that if I start a scenario while I am awake... I am thinking about it when I fall asleep... and I can continue the fun journey into my real sleep... and hence, control my own dreams. ;) No, I'm not a control freak.

Some of the dreams I have made up when I'm falling asleep are so fun! The standard is "If I win the lottery, I will... " That one started out with a million dollars. What would I do with a million dollars!? Through the years, a million dollars, minus taxes, minus the payoff of the house, minuse sending the kids to college, and a new car = not much. So, I've increased it to 172 million dollars. (Hey! It's MY dream! I can do what I want!) That way, after I do all the necessities... like sending the kids to college and setting up a trust fund, I can do fun stuff... like go buy my mom a new house... and take my whole family on a trip around the world... and support the missionaries in countries all over the world... and move all my friends back to my mansion (in separate wings of course). And hire a butler and a maid and a cook and have a big dining room that we can all eat together all the time... you know, a rich sort of commune.

The lottery dream is funny though... because every time I try to dream it, I always have to start at the beginning, set the number that I win, walk through the things I've paid off, the debt, etc... then start with the basics... I really don't know what I will do after we get our mansion, because I usually fall asleep before that.

Other things I dream about.... travel. I travel to Italy often.... Germany to see Julia....we go on cruises... go to Jamaica. It's all quite fun. Lately, I've been taking the train around Europe once I get there. Sometimes I have a "theme". Like, eating at ONLY local restaurants.... and staying at charming hotels and B&Bs. The thing is ... the dreams get a little sketchy in the travel dept. Mostly because I don't really know what these places look like... and I'm not very good at imagining them at all. So, I have limited pictures in my head available to travel around the entire world. But, it's okay, because I fall asleep sometime before or shortly after I get there.... usually the first day is arrival... and I go to my hotel, eat at a great restaurant, and plan the next day's agenda to see all the sites (which are pretty sketchy too since I don't really know them very well.)

I know... I'm a bit odd. Don't tell me you haven't done it. Anyone have some great ideas on my next dream?


mel said...

172 million... interesting... :)
i love you. how about if you were watching yourself watch this world watching you watch this world from a poing where you were watching from afar.. what would life look like? just a thought.
traveling across the world rather than above is probably much more normal.

Heth said...

There's always the flying dreams...

Two posts in one month. Impressive.

Natalie Joy said...

I'll live in the mansion. Keep playing those numbers, lady!!

Anonymous said...

I have the lottery dream too!