I started a new job about a month ago. I really like it. Mostly because I love the people I work with. I find myself wondering sometimes if I would like the job if it weren't for my co-workers. I might. But isn't it funny how working with people you LOVE makes anything seem better? I could do some horrible horrible things... as long as it was with great people.

Anyway, part of my job is hiring "temps" from a temp agency to complete a project we have going on. I call them all "Ryan" from the beginning until I learn their name. Not out loud. Just in my head. (If you have seen the Office, you understand that... if not, I'm not going to explain. sorry.)

Temps are a funny breed actually. They have some advantages over permanent employees.
For one, they won't be around to clean up their messes.
I also often wonder if they try on new and different personalities at each new job site.
They only really get involved in "temp" issues.

In the past week and a half alone, I have had temps that have alternator problems, birthday days off, low blood sugar, two flat tires, Grandma broke her ankle and had to be rushed to the hospital so I need to be with her, bright pink hair, and now today an apparent hangover.

The staffing agent and I are become close friends. It's great.

You don't hear me complaining. I can take it. Actually, without the temps, it might be boring. I like to stay on my toes!


melanie said…
was josh considered a temp there..?? dang he shoulda done pink hair. he woulda been hot.
Natalie Joy said…
Sounds like fun. Bill is heading to some temp agencies soon. He won't be sporting the ink hair!

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