Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The birthday months...

February begins the birthday months for us. Shawn kicks it off on the 5th of February, my sister on Feb. 6... then Haleigh on the 12th.... then the 24th is Em's... March 3 is Lindsey's , Shawn's sister Shera on the 14th of March, Shawn's mom on April 7, Abbie on April 24, Shawn's brother on May 16, and I end up the six month stretch on June 1.

So, basically, every week, I am either buying a gift or a card or planning a party or something crazy like that. We have special meals and visits and all kinds of crazy things going on.

Last weekend, I surpised Shawn for his big day on a trip out of town and to a Comedy Club. We dined some pretty fine dining at Red Robin, and went shopping at the mall. Okay okay... the mall was for me more than him, but he did get some new shoes. I'm sort of sacrifical.... then we came home and ate confetti cake (his choice) decorated by Abbie in memory of Mel Blanc (some sort of inside joke between Abbie and her dad that I have yet to understand).

I have lists and lists of lists to make sure I don't forget something... and I still forget some aspect of the birthday season. It's pretty tough not to when they're coming at you as quick as this.

Sometimes (often) I complain about it. Why didn't we spread these things out some? But, just last week, my husband reminded me how much I hate winter (as if I needed to be reminded really)... and how long and boring it would be if we didn't have a birthday season to celebrate during the worst time of year in the midwest.

So... to that I say... let the festivities begin!


melanie said...

"birthday season" love it.
love you guys.

Lvly Rita said...

My family is the same way, except there are about 12 birthdays in the first 3 months of the year. Plus one in December, and one in April for a real sense of birthday overload.

And I am the worst at remembering cards. Usually, I just make a special phone call.

His Girl said...

oh yes, we have birthday seasons too.... even though I thought we were doing pretty good to spread our dates out, there's no controlling when people up and have more babies, thus closing the gap between holidays.

happy birthday to all your loved ones!

Natalie Joy said...

It is a fun and crazy season. Love you all and wish we could celebrate with you!! Well, we will from a distance.

Heth said...

Happy parties to you guys! Yum, cake. You guys are such a fun family.