Sunday, February 28, 2010

I forgot my password

Seriously, forgetting your password is the most. annoying. thing. ever.
I couldn't remember my password to this blogger account. So, I tried everything I could imagine. Every. thing. No dice.

After multiple attempts, I decided to take radical action and do the "password recovery". Unfortunately, the email account they sent the information to recover my password no longer existed. duh.

So, I tried to complete the form on gmail that verified who I am and that I own this account. Google told me "sorry. we cannot confirm that you own this account".

Wow. I'm so secure even I can't get in.

Finally, I made a list of every password I've ever used... and one by one, tried them all. Yep. All of them. All million and a half of them.

And whooo hoo! I hit one and it worked.

But, I can't remember exactly which one it is. So, I circled two of them (I think it's one of them).

I had a lot to say on my blog until I couldn't remember my password. Then, all I could think of was that I couldn't remember my password. So, now I have nothing else to say. ;)


melanie said...

that's the best. make me laugh, you can't even pass your own self test on blogger.. the other night abs & i played bunco and me and a lady rolled for last place. i lost. i can't even win at being last. stink.
come down & hang out with us. i miss you mucho.

Natalie Joy said...

HAHA. The thought of forgetting my password freaks me out, so all of my accounts have one of about 3 possibilities. I would be so easy to hack! :)

Chris said...

I love how you can laugh at yourself so easily! You're going to live to be a hundred because you're so laid back about stuff. The rest of us will live that long because you blog and make us laugh!