Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Have I mentioned that I’m going to be a Gramma?  Have I mentioned that they have chosen a name but aren’t sharing it until after she is born?  Have I mentioned that it doesn’t matter because we (Grandma and Grandpa) have already named her what we will call her. In Shawn’s words, “You guys can call whatever you want.  It’s just the legal name anyway”.   We call her LuLu.

This little LuLu is going to be one very special, smart, beautiful, amazing, talented young baby.  Of course.

I started something that I’ve been dying to talk about.  It’s a Grandma’s journal for Lulu.  I want to give it to her someday…. I don’t know when… when she gets married? When she graduates? When she’s 6? When I die? I can’t decide that part.  But, it’s a bunch of letters I’m writing to her in journal format…. things that are cool… things… well, grandma-ish things.  Things that grandma’s know.  Because you know, there are things that grandma’s know that other kinds of people don’t know.  It’s not just how to knit and quilt and things like that… because I don’t know anything like that.  It’s things like why you should be nice to EVERYONE… and why you shouldn’t spit your gum on the ground…and the importance of praying for your children and grandchildren, and the importance of holding your tongue when it’s really hard.  The importance of having really really really good friends, even when you’re old, and the importance of believing something is possible even when it looks like it isn’t. 

I can’t wait to tell my Granddaughter to love God no matter what.  I can’t wait to tell her about the times I talk to God and He says things like: “I have a plan and I will fulfill my plan”.  And other times, I can’t hear Him say anything at all, but I still always know He is listening.

Becoming a Grandma is one of the most joyful emotional incredible experiences in life.  Just imagining hearing the breath of our sweet grandbaby LuLu as she sleeps, and knowing that even now…even now… God is forming her, and planning for her… that God has a plan beyond the next generation of our family… that He has a plan, and He will fulfill it.

And oh…did I mention that Lindsey is 36 weeks pregnant…. 4 cm dilated… and 80% effaced? Right now.  That soon … very very soon… our family will be added onto by one very beautiful smart amazing grandbaby….that we call LuLu.

I think I might just die right now.


Angela said...

You are one amazing Grandma already! I am excited to see you with LuLu. It's going to be incredible. I can't believe how close it's getting! Wow...

I look forward to meeting you, too, LuLu! I can't wait for you to call me "Isabella's mommmy" someday.

Abbie said...

i wish i had a book from better do this with my kids too..and you better pick an age to give it to them, cuz your never gonna die. =)