Thursday, August 05, 2010

3 weeks old

Baby Lulu 187

My granddaughter is three weeks old today.  Three weeks.  She is super duper cute, and it’s so hard to not just take pictures of her constantly.  In some ways, three weeks seems like a long time.  In other ways, it seems so very short.

Really, three weeks is relative.  To wait three weeks for something you ordered online today is an incredibly long wait.  But, to be able to accomplish something in just three weeks seems so short.

In three weeks, this is the list of things that have gone on in our life:

1. met our first granddaughter

2. had overnight/weekend visitors from Illinois in our home three times

3. went to my daughter’s for a weekend to help her clean apartments

4. started to harvest tomatoes and peppers

5. had a drunk driver crash into our garage in the middle of the night

6. father in law has been in the hospital, out of the hospital, in the hospital again, and out of the hospital again.

7. my sister decided to move from the northwest to the midwest, then changed her mind and decided not to

8. fireworks party in our front yard

wow.  That’s a lot.  And you know what else? We still don’t have the lawn mowed.

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Angela said...

That is a super cute picture! I love it. I agree; 3 weeks is long AND short at the same time! I can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks brings. :-)