Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23

I already shared about my husband’s heart attack here.  That was September.  Now, fast forward to December.  Last week he got his blood test results back.They were AMAZING. LDL of 43! (Is there such a thing as TOO low an LDL?)  He’s been in cardio-rehab for months, and he’s been working very hard at diet and exercise…lifestyle changes in the most extreme way. 

Now that he is graduating from cardio-rehab…yesterday we joined a gym. GASP!  I never did do the 10K that I was training for last year in September because the day of the race was the day Shawn was recovering in the ICU from heart surgery.  So, now I can train on the treadmills at the gym, and try again next year. Who knows….maybe cardio-boy will join us for the 10K next year.

In November, Shawn’s grandmother Beulah was not doing well.  She turned 92 in May and was still living on her own with the assistance of family members.  But, in November, she had some health problems develop and her health started to turn quickly from “healthy” to “not-so-much”.  She had gone to a nursing home for a while as she needed more care than she could get at home. 

On November 16, she went to be with the Lord.  She was a very sweet lady.  I had a lot of love and respect for her.  she loved to tell stories of growing up on a farm in rural Iowa.  Of course, now I wish I had written down some of the things she told me over the past 25 years.  But, she was somewhat of a record-keeper…so I imagine that somewhere in her home…we will find lots of amazing stories to share and pass on with our kids and grandkids throughout the next several generations.

We cherish the beautiful pictures we have of her…and the memories of sharing family dinners and holidays at her home.  She left her mark on this world with a wonderful family.  They are all creative and festive and family-centered.  They love, they laugh, they enjoy life.  Just as she did…just as she taught them...

We miss her.

Another page turns…. another year leaves…. more change for 2012. 


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