Friday, January 05, 2007

I took a relative to an appointment this week. A psychologist. I got to sit in on the testing. It was interesting. I didn't think they did the whole "I say this and you say the first thing you think of" thing for real. I thought it was just in the movies...

So, thought I'd try it today on my blog. I found this Unconscious Mutterings on another blog, and it seems to work... the first part is their word, the second what I think. If you want to play along, do it! :)

1. Incomplete :: Laundry
2. Bobby:: Where is he?
3. Chopstick:: Chinese
4. Trauma:: Garbage Day
5. Hesitate:: Pause
6. Leap:: Air
7. Magnify:: Big
8. Yards:: Fabric
9. Alexander:: Haleigh
10. Fracture:: Abbie

Wow... analyzing it could be tricky! :)


Dawn said...

Thank you for coming to visit today and read Kristen's and my journey through anorexia. We are appreciating all of the kind comments. It has been quite an interesting experience, because we're learning things that we each did not know about the others' perspective. I trust you never have to go through it!

Come back any time!

Kristen said...

That's a fun game. I'll have to try it!

Thank you so much for reading my story and the nice comments. Hope you come back and visit again sometime! ;-)