Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Caution: Hot Flash In Progress

I'm definately not happy about this. But, what's a girl to do?

I knew it would happen someday... but it doesn't hardly seem possible. I am attending a 40th Birthday Party this week. This will be the first of many 40th Birthday parties I will undoubtably be privvy to over the course of the next year, leading up to and including my own.

When I was in High School, I arroganly touted that I would be "happy" when I was "32". That just seemed like an amicable age to me. I would have a career, husband, 2 kids, home... you know, I'd be 32! For goodness sake, it would be perfect.

Well, unbeknownst to me, 32 came and went when I was still looking for it. It wasn't until I was 38 with four kids and two cats that I realized I had been waiting for 32 and now 40 is creeping in to take me by surprise too!

I decided that even though I am not happy about it (this old age thing) - I am going to join the crowd! My mother was well known for being 29 for her entire life. When she turned 60, we had her birthday party late because we didn't realize she was 60.

When my sister turned 40, she spent the entire day crying. seriously. get real girl.

So... in view of all that... I proudly announce to the world that tonight I will attend a 40th Birthday Party and give this gift: A lighted button that says "Caution: Hot Flash In Progress" and embrace the year of 40th Birthdays with all of it's gaudiness and gag gifts!

Happy Birthday Jane! Bring on the 40s!


meLanie said...

if i can stay 14 forever, you can definitely stick at 32. why is it that some 23 year olds seem 63, and some 63 year olds seem 23? bring it on girl, you are going to be young and beautiful and full of the joy of the Lord all your days!

Heth said...

Are you sure you aren't still 32?

Judy said...
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Judy said...

I must say that I like your attitude! I would love to say I join you, but I"m not feeling it yet! 38 is painful, and the prospect of 40 makes me a little queezy! :) However, your "go get 'em" attitude gives me something to reflect upon! Thanks!
Hey...Sorry about the "comment deleted" I have a helper this morning.

Anonymous said...

i was given a 40th birthday party....everyone came with pillows under their shirts to poke fun at me for being 40 and pregnant.
there's still time for you to have the same kind of party!!

Diane said...

Well, if 40 is entering old 53 I better start planning that funeral!!! NOT!!!!

40, today, is just like entering the promised land! There is freedom with 40! At 40, you are most likely well into your career path; at 40, hopefully, you've got the parenting thing under control (or at least no one has died!!!); at 40, you have come to understand that control was just a figment of yet, another, media frenzy! Did I mention...there was such freedom at 40!!!!

To your friend: Enjoy!

And to her very funny friend--don't cry all day! Unless, the tears are tears of joy! The 40 of today, is not to be is to be embraced!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugging it!}}}}}}}}}


your favorite aunt said...

age is just a number...attitude is all that counts. think young and NEVER act your age :)

T said...

I know YOU seldom act your age Aunt Shari. :) Thank God!
You're too much fun to act old. (not that you're old you know....)