Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

I know.. it isn’t the most interesting thing to blog about. But, sometimes, when your life is really really dull and you have nothing else to say, you just blog about everyday stuff. Like the thunderstorm and tornado last night.

And actually, by the way, I LIKE my boring life. I’m content to be dull and boring.

There was a storm last night and we heard the sirens go off in town and the announcer said “Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Please seek Shelter Immediately”. So, I went downstairs to read my book instead of laying on the bed. Lindsey was at work (where she spends most of her life) and Abb and Em were watching a dvd on Ab’s computer. But, Shawn and Haleigh… decided to go storm chasing. Crazy kooks!

They didn’t see much. But, they brought back Strawberry Shakes from Dairy Queen!

Fast Forward… I went to bed, and fell sound asleep. Nothing wakes me up except my husband getting out of bed or my daughters vomiting. So, apparently there was a really really really bad thunderstorm and Shawn could hear the wind howling and hissing and he decided to get up and shut the windows. I woke up. (what are you DOING?) He proceeded to tell me that he was shutting the windows and was pretty sure there was almost a tornado in the neighbors yard, or at least 65 mph wind. (How does he know that it was 65 mph exactly?)… I dozed back to sleep (I knew if it got really bad he’d save me… now that’s security.)and he eventually came back to bed.

A short time later, he got up again. Apparently the storm had died down a bit and he wasn’t able to get back to sleep so he decided to sit in the hot tub. Again, I wake up. (what are you DOING?) He got in the hot tub and just as he was about to kick on the jets, the sirens and announcer came on again: “Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Please seek Shelter Immediately.” I glanced out the window from my comfy cozy bed and could see he was contemplating the message and trying to decide if he could ignore it or not. It wasn’t raining or anything, but just really dark.

I could see the headlines: Man Ignores Warning and is Found in Hot Tub in Corn Field After Tornado Lift Off.

Yeah, he decided to get out. And just in time.

editors note: by the way... I thought of our Pastor and family a LOT last night as I think they were camping!


meLanie said...

it didn't seem that bad for sirens.. but strawberry shakes in the hot tyb would be the way to go!

Diane said...

So reminds me of my childhood days, when the Tornado sirens would blow, and the children and mom's would all go down to the dirt-floor cellars and the Dad's would take their lawn chairs and a bottle of brew outside to the front lawn and wait to see the storm pass by. Geesh!!!!

At least there were DQ shakes! We went down to the cellar with the snakes!!!! EW!!!! Maybe this is why to this day...I would rather be in a bad storm than anywhere near snakes!

Glad you are safe!


Heth said...

That headline is hilarious! Go Shawn!
And oh man, what a week for camping, I hope they are staying a little bit dry!

Judy said...

Strawberry shakes are definately a plus! I love the headline though, but I'm happy that we won't have to worry about actually seeing it this time!

amy flege said...

haha. i am LMAO!!! i can picture him butt naked in the tub in the corn field... oh yes..i am LMAO!!!!

hannahjoy said...

lol, great headline.