Monday, July 23, 2007

Menu Plan Monday Update

Okay, so last week I did a Menu Plan Monday that many people were thinking was a little out of the ordinary for our family.

You're right... it was. But, they ate it like troopers.

Here are the results:
Indian Curry - pretty good. Many here thought it was their favorite all week
Jambalaya - good. Again, a good recipe makes a great dish
Greek Casserole - okay, those two words should not be in the same sentence. Three letters - YUK.
Ratatouille - for a non-zuchini eating family, it was pretty darn good. I doubt it will be on the menu anytime soon, but it wasn't bad.

This week, in honor of the troopers in my family, the girls each get to pick what they want one day each... so here's the menu. You try to guess who wanted them (some demographics on my girls - E=age 8 semi picky eater but not bad, A=age 15 most picky on the face of this family, L=age 18 and a budding cook, H=age 20 and likes most things.

Mon - fried chicken and mashed potatoes
Tues - nachos
Wed - grill your own meat at the youth beach party (nobody's choice today)
Thurs - Chinese stir fry
Fri - undecided


diana said...

Glad to see menu monday! Chris was spurring me on, but she's been AWHK-absent with her kids-lately. Having each choose is a great idea-are you having them cook their choices too?

meLanie said...

uh- chinese- em? nachos- abs and linz fried chicken????

Natalie Joy said...

Ok. well I know Linds wanted the fried chicken, my guess is Em wanted the nachos and Haliegh wanted the chinese. Knowing Abs' propensity for having a hard time making a decision, I'm guessing she is the undecided.

T said...

Melanie was right! nice job!